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“Open Letter to Nnamdi Kanu”



Please sir I just want to use this great opportunity to write to you and I believe this letter will get to you.

I Godson Nworu I am a Biafra by the virtue of my origin (ABIA STATE). And I am not in support of Biafra. I know you and your supporters are fighting for the freedom of all Igbos.

Please let this be known to you that is not all Igbos are in support of Biafra, you are bringing war to our doorstep which we do not want and right now our state is in siege.

I am highly disappointed that the most wisest ethnic group can be brain washed and be lured to evil. Please sir in everything you are doing think and analysis it first. I will advice you and your supporters to PUT-OFF this Biafra issues because we are not ready for it.

If I may ask please sir where is your family? Not here in Nigeria?. And you want us to go and fight and kill ourselves while your family are living flashy life abroad.

The only problem we have is GREED we’re too greedy. What do we want Biafra for?

Do you think we are suffering more compare to Hausa/Fulani’s. The so called oil you’re fighting for is it your own? 95% of Rivers people said they are not Biafran while 90% of bayelsa said the same.

Please sir do you reason or have adviser at all, do you think you are doing us good?

Those agitating for Biafra are mainly on jobless youth who have nothing and some wretched old once..Sir we want peace not Biafra those soldiers at Abia state are Hausa/Fulani soldiers in not less than a week anything could happen.

Sir you’re doing us bad not good my state is at risk. Even the general ojukwu who started the journey later regretted it and finally said one Nigeria. You’re not general neither maj gen.. you’re ordinary citizen just like me with dual citizenship..those supporting you and those beating drums for you are evil..I and my relatives are not in support of you and your group of cohort and I disown anybody who think or wish that Biafra is the only way out.

You can as well go for the presidency if the case maybe..how I wish you know how I feel..you have mislead us and you will surely regret it..I don’t insult Biafra, but I will insult you because you’re only looking for your pocket and allow our youths to die for nothing on daily basis while you keep enjoying the so called Nigeria money huh? From some stupid politicians.

Oh Igbos where is the sense you people have?? I wept for this young boys, they don’t know what they are doing..if I may ask why bringing Judaism to us? I think you’re just confused.. you’re a freedom fighter is that how freedom is been fought using all sorts of insults on government.

You’re not a leader but a misleader.

My write up is well understandable and I wish you could see this.. PUT OFF that agitation before is to late..i have warned you count me OFF.

Thank you.

Signed, Godson Harry jr.


  1. You have spoken well. As I said in my earlier statement on Facebook that only fools and those without future would go ahead to fight and perish, while Kanu keeps himself and his family save.

    They will live to enjoy later after the fools would have perished ignorantly.

    How many of Late Gen Ojukwu’s children/family died in war front during Biafra war? The Bible says: ‘The prudent sees danger and hide himself, but the fool keep going and pay the penalty’ PROVERBS 27v12.

    I think we should always apply wisdom and common sense before reacting irrespective of your tribe, you only know the beginning of a war, you don’t know the end from the beginning. Just a food for thought and a word for the wise!!!

  2. Its a pitty….Young ones re dying, n d so-called Nnamdi Kanus children re living abroad. I’m not an Igbo man but I feel for those dat re being mislead.

  3. Biafra my foot!…see how young and vibrant lives have been wasted over some stupid and unreasonable idea one man instigated for his own selfish benefit, please tell us where your family is,…stop killing our people!

  4. you are the most foolish of all men on earth, a disappointment to your father, siblings Igbo ethnic group and your generation. please learn how to make correct sentences before you think of picking a pen to write down any nonsense that comes out of your head.

  5. Godson Nworu,you really need to ‘panel beat’ your written English very well before you can stand proud to write an open letter. You are misinformed and are the brainwashed. You don’t even know what is going on. Many Igbos are simply ignorant of what’s happening. You know nothing and your letter is quite pitiable and childish. I forgive you for you think it’s Igbo blood that runs in you whereas it’s not.

  6. Chai… Very touching how u lost ur reasons… That’s the type of betrayal sons we need to remove. Please is I beg u to give us permission to eradicate the influence of internal enemies like this. Ur not a Biafra man, ORIGIN DOESN’T MAKE U BIAFRAN LOVE AND BLOOD does.

  7. Igbo’s want to leave, I say let them go it is not by force. Any state that wants to join them can join them. All Igbo’s should leave Nigeria and only return when they have a passport and residential permit. I don’t know what the fuss is.

  8. I think what you people (Igbos) should first is to put your house in order. In a situation where some are agitating for Biafra and others are still willing to become governor your states under Nigeria government. Why double standard, you people should wake up and know what exactly you are doing.

  9. I think what you people (Igbos) should first of all do is to put your house in order. In a situation where some are agitating for Biafra and others are still willing to become governors your states, ministers and other juicy appointments under Nigeria government. Why double standard, you people should wake up and know what exactly you are doing. In the days of Ojukwu very very few igbos were affiliated to the government of Federal Republic of Nigeria. You better allow the sleeping dogs lie and live as one.

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