1. Do it in Person

Breaking up electronically can be a bit disrespectful. So whenever you are breaking up with your girlfriend choose a right place and do it in person, at least have the courage to look into her eyes when you dump her. Find a place where she can feel free to cry, be honest and get angry. Now when you start the conversation be honest and gentle and finally end it up like a gentleman.

2. Do it Over Phone

If you have been with a person for quite a long time then there is no problem breaking up with your girlfriend over the phone. But before you dial the number just gather your thoughts. Be honest and gentle. State facts that why you want to break up with her and give her enough time to put up questions. While you end it up, say sorry for the fact that it didn’t work out the way it should be.

3. Do it by Writing a Letter

At times it is difficult to break up in person and hence writing down a letter can proof to be a better option. While writing a break up letter, try to soften the blow a bit, be kind and state facts, instead of opinions. Give her the letter whenever she is free and after giving the letter, give her a chance to respond so that both you can settle down things together.

4. Do it by Giving a “TWO WEEK NOTICE”

This is quite an easy way to breakup with your girlfriend if you still think that u might fall in love all over again with her. It’s like a trial breakup. You can tell your girlfriend that you need some space and you really don’t find any spark in the relationship and you need some time to think over it that whether you want to continue with it or not.

5. Do it in Public Place

Breaking up with your girlfriend in a public place is quite safe because it will prevent chaos but there is a lot of risk as well. What if, both of you are in a restaurant and she starts yelling and crying. So if you really want to break up with her in public place, choose the place wisely like a park or a garden which can provide a calming atmosphere.



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