Your erratic work schedules and rising stress levels have taken a toll on your relationship. You haven’t been able to give enough time to each other and as a result your relationship has hit rock bottom. However, there’s still a chance to revive the charm and save your relationship. Here are a few things you must do.

1. Communicate: Talk to each other as much as possible, it is the most sensible things to do in such situations. This will help sort out a lot of issues that you have had in the past and will clear several misunderstandings as well. When you talk, you let out a lot of frustration and ill-feeling that you have stored within. You have avoided this kind of communication since you didn’t want things to take a bad turn, however at this point, talking out your differences is one of the best ways to make your relationship work.

2. Give time: Try to concentrate more on your relationship, invest time in nurturing it. Try to shift focus from your professional life to your personal, come back early from work so that you spend quality time with your partner, avoid social gatherings where you need to go without your partner, etc. In fact, plan things around your partner, so that you can spend more and more time with each other. Time has the power to mend cracks, but you must invest enough time for the same.

3. Start dating: Couples only date until the time they are chasing each other or just before being together. Once, they know that they are secure within themselves, they stop doing anything to make their relationship interesting. Start dating again to revive the charm, plan luncheons and dinner dates at new places around the city, go on surprise long drives once in a while while enjoying the weather, gift each other small things, etc. Try to get monotony out of your relationship and make it more exciting.

4. Listen: If you think talking out is very important to mend your ties, then listening is equally important. Before putting across your point to your partner, make sure you carefully listen to everything that your partner says. Do no jump on conclusions without giving him/her a chance to explain. Patiently listening to your partner might answer many questions that haunt your relationship from time to time.

5. Get more intimate: In most couples, being less intimate is one of the most important reasons that leads to a fallout. It is our busy schedules that usually make us feel so exhausted that we do not have enough time and emotion to spare, let alone being intimate.

If you’re already having s*x, try different positions and ask each other about the experience, and this is one way you can bring back the charm in your relationship.

– Times of India

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