Trouble looms for Nigerian midfielder, John Obi Mikel at his London club, Chelsea, after the player failed to win the African Footballer top crown on Thursday night, Daily SunSport has exclusively gathered.

Mikel who stormed out of the awards venue in anger was quoted, by sources close to him, that the organisers assured that he would emerge as the winner.

The competent source further revealed that the midfielder was dejected and embarrassed at the treatment he got at the event.
“Mikel was disturbed and couldn’t believe how it happened. He was given so much assurance that he was going to win it, only for the story to change at the end of the day.

“To make the matter worse, Mourinho (Jose) was convinced to release Mikel for the awards night since the Portuguese, in first instance, believed such trip to Nigeria was a distraction to the player and he would be jet-lagged on return.

“So the episode forced Chelsea to fly him (Mikel) down in the club’s jet and also to bring him back to London in good time.
“The club invested so much in making the player available at the occasion because the plane flew to Nigeria twice because of Mikel. No club would have released their player if not assured of winning the prize.

“Sure, Mikel will pick up his pieces and return to his best at Chelsea,” the source assured.
The defensive midfielder looks likely to miss today’s away clash at Hull City and must fight hard to regain his starting shirt at the club.
Meanwhile, the midfielder opted to shun a meeting at the instance of the Nigeria Football Federation after the CAF Awards as he preferred to stay back in his hotel room after the President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Alhaji Aminu Maigari put a phone call through to him.


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  1. Could Mikel have been done in or he shot himself in the foot in the process of ensuring victory,may be at all cost?The only short route to undeserved victory is probably to bribe.

  2. What are we all saying its so imperative that we know the innuendo by which the winner is determined, rite from the very beginning Fifa has set the standard for choosing the continental best players award, and that is at the end of the year a 25man list of extra ordinary player will be brought, and for younger players 15, then the voting begin, From club captains to coaches all team around the whole world at the end of a particular period the best 11players will emerge and that forms FIFA team of the year and if any african player is in that team He will become favorite for the CAF award, remember these player play against top clubs, they knw they their work rate, their conversion rate, their team chemistry, that was how ETO was able to beat OKOCHA, ETO was the third best player after RONALDINHO and HENRY how on earth do you not expect him to beat J.J. In africa who is no three in the world is only people who do not understand how the winner emerges and the lack of information was just not in for many peoplean many times FIFA picks up the best players the continents will begin voting even at this level the international committee will look forward to FIFA for the awardee

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