So, Barely 48 hours ago, Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote joined social network, Twitter and the businessman already has over 30, 283 followers (as at 03:30pm today, 2nd of January 2014).

Aliko Dangote shuns Nigerians.

He shared his first tweet at exactly 12am on the 1st of January, wishing his followers a happy new year and offering his first advice..(See Below)

Relax. .and continue staring at your phone!! Now Here is the real gists.

Almost all the Nigerian celebrities and who-is-who in Nigeria including presidential aides, ministers etc, are following him on twitter but he’s not following any of them back!

As a matter of fact he is not even following any Nigerian..are we that corrupt?

Check out the 7 tweeps he is following below:
1. Bill Gates
2. Gordon and Sarah Brown
3. Jack Welch
4. Jeff Immelt
5. Kofi Annan
6. World Economic Forum
7. Dangote Group

Wait o…what do these seven twitter handles have in common that Nigerians lack?? I dont understand. .someone said Its Money…..that what these 7 peeps have in common *birds of the same feather flock together*

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  1. Dear aluko dangote we believe you are a nigerian we might not be as rich as you, but we are better than you cos united will stand divided will fall. Even if you follow back it aint worth anything. If you die you will go to where ever without your money and fame. Let me bring it to your notice that we tweeps on twitter will not get a dime even if u follow us back so fu*k off.
    yours faithfully, immortal

  2. Lmao!! U dis pple nogo kill me!! Abeg how ar u even sure dats Dangotes twitter account? A lot of pple can just comeup wit dat !! U no dey think well?? And even if e dosnt follow a nigerian abeg wetin b ur own? He choose wat e wants and who cares? Abeg face ur own business and stop been criticizing!!!

  3. Dangote has d right 2 follow who ever he want 2 follow. He did not beg others 2 follow him so it der. Choice. So Dangote I will say ride on

  4. y all are willing to follow Dangote and not me or some other ordinary Nigerian. I think most people wants to get audience for possible patronage.

  5. The next thing is to start insulting the guy abi?He doesn’t have time to follow all sort of peeps na.Definitely someone iis handling that account for him.

  6. What is it with who Dangote is following or not? A wise person should check the people he is following and get smarter. We can so easily judge people and their motives. Please wise up and live your lives people.

  7. How many ordinary Nigerians do u pple follow, why is everybody following Dangote serve. Charity begins at home. *Just passing*

  8. Seriously we honour you that’s why we follow you and we surely expect you to do the same but if you prove to be a jackass then f*CK aint everytin follow bill gate,follow brown even follow devil na your own.I have never seen a successful european snub his people the way u did.but no prob baba now we know where you stand.mtcheew

  9. Alhaji Dangota dis my BB PIN 2A5A8740. Phone number 08085767908 ! In ur comment u said noting is imposibile! I believe some day we will do business together!

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