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I just ran into this topic. And if with all my years of working on the Android platform and I don’t comment then I have left most Nigerians mislead. The name is techno the other is Samsung. And for those of u even comparing that name to techno to the name Samsung, I guess u have been paid by techno to help promote their cheap hardware. Now let’s start with hardware.

Samsung hardware is far too superior for techno, techno have to sell their phones cheap so they don’t have to spend too much money on making a hardware to compare with the likes of Apple Nokia Sony or HTC. But that’s the category Samsung belongs, the competitive zone. Samsung has to build their hardware to meet the standards of other oem’s but techno don’t have to cos they believe Nigerians are dummies that will use anything sold for a price that equals a waste product. Samsung uses some of the best chips in the mobile industry, the exynos chip and the snapdragon, what those tecno use? Some worthless chip with bad processing power. Samsung uses some of the best display technology in the super amoled display, what those tecno use? Some screen looking like a phone of the early 2000. And for the battery Samsung phones pack very powerful chipset which requires good energy to process data at a fast pace so the battery has to be at his best. Techno phones don’t really need powerful batteries cos they already have a chip of no value and display is like a wrist watch. As for the cameras, Samsung packs some very good cameras that can compete with Apple Sony and other oem. But tecno 5mp equals the 3mp on a Nokia Asha phone, what a shame!.

Now let’s look at their software, the only reason why apple(crapple) keeps taking Samsung to court in my own thinking is cos they can’t cope with the kind of innovation Samsung brings to software design. Smart stay, smart pause, smart scroll, air gestures, smart commands, multiwindow, pop-up play, spen innovations and many others. My friend tecno phones lacks innovation all they do is pack an unbacked Android os into some cheap hardware.

Now let’s talk about updates. When u buy a Samsung device at a high price it is because u are paying for other services as well which includes updates. Tecno doesn’t care about updates. If u buy a Tecno device on Android 4.2 that’s the end of the life of the Android os.

So my fellow readers am not pushing Tecno of the way totally, if u can’t afford a Samsung device then buy a tecno device to get a taste of Android but when u decide to compare Samsung to Tecno that’s were u been very ignorant and very biased.

The Nigeria market isn’t wanna of Samsung strong hold so Tecno innovation doesn’t really bother them as a company.

I conclude by saying buy Tecno if u can’t afford Samsung but by Samsung if u can afford it and stop been mislead.


  1. What a sad way to use this voice you found. The entire writeup is baseless and biased and your grammar makes my skin crawl.

    Where was Samsung when Nokia, BlackBerry and even Sagem were packing the stalls full of cutting (or attempts) edge tech? You shogld not write on issues you know nothing about.

    Your writeup has no business incline, which is where Tecno is killing the boar! One, they acknowledge they don’t have a name like Samsung or other droid-packing OEMs, but they want to make a name and get market share; two, if the African market (the Nigerian market speaking of is more than 50% of the entire black market worldwide) is all they can get for now, what a wise investment choice! three, by cutting price and increasing offering, trust me, they still kill it on profits! so you just wait and see things unfold for yourself.

    I will compare both OEMs anyday, cos, YES, they are comparable on several fronts.

    I’m sure you would have written this same thing about the BlackBerry year’s ago, cos you sound like one of them. I’m sure (tell me if I’m wrong) you NEVER owned an Apple device cos you couldn’t afford one and hated those who loved theirs. Thank God you can now buy a Samsung. That’s why we are now hearing from you. Have you seen the smile on the faces of the Tecno Phantom owners? Loyalty is growing, cos they recommend too.

    You have found a voice, you have gained listeners. Use it wisely! And next time when you see business decisions being made, sit in the corner, watch and learn!


    • guy u talk alot of trash and u reason like a child, isnt dis stupidity, samsung keeps producing new brands of dier product with almost similar operating system all in d name of increasing price and digging a hole 4 muggus 2 for example, there is no much difference btwen S3 and S4 and all d notes and tabs too, nw if u say samgung has d ability of upgrading to anoda higher version and tecno dosnt, u see y i say u reason like a child is it not wise enough for sum1 to buy a cheaper samgung and upgrade its version to a higher one?? nw if practically dis is wat most samsung owners do, will samsung sell dier product well??.There is nothing so special abt samsung dat tecno cant offer tecno jst striked d mobile market with a fantastic product and u here talking trash

  2. All na Boobo! Ur arguements are baseless, & just so u know most of the said electronic components are from same manufacturer, its d external design & packaging that’s made by individual manufacturers, there is actually industry regulation that’s supposed to help all manufacturers of electronic devices use “universal components” so very soon excepting for devices made for countries with a different power rating on ther power sockets, all devices will b able to use same chargers etc. Dude, all your story here is baseless & really biased. The truth is Samsung is overpriced & simply playing on peoples intelligence through the concept of presenting a superior brand, bt in reality produce at the same level as Tecno.

  3. What more can I possibly say. Thanks Tosinx, you’ve nailed it. But let me add this quickly, Indigold2010, I think Samsung should sue you for this unauthorized assignment. Its a put off… Bad write-up on behalf of Samsung.

  4. Hope they are all paying their taxes..tecno, samsung, nokia et al..they are milking the virgin country..they should employ more people and not contract staff

  5. I cant help but laugh, seems everyone is using techno n dont even know a shit abt technology ever wonder y techn is not in use America or Europe. techno is bullshit full of shit.only the lame will say techno is a good device.

  6. Why’s Samsung suing Techno then? Pls keep ur info to ursef,cos nobody cares to listen. Your grammar is even enough for us to know that Samsung is better of Techno.

  7. I believe techno is of less quality compared to apple, Samsung n Sony but I really commend them cos they r improving at a high speed and their product r also cheep….. It is only an enemy of progress that will say bad thing abt Techno

  8. This dude has got it twisted. Android is open-source, all the proprietors need is you crediting them, nothing else.
    He was right when he said Tecno’s OSs can’t be updated, but his grammar is definitely awful. He didn’t get his points right at all. He just beefs Tecno. I used to do that too, but these guys have been trying. Samsung didn’t achieve their feats in months or just a year. Tecno is on their way too.
    That’s all I’ve got to say.

  9. mtcheew,y u comparin my super tecno dat comes up wif new thingz evry dai wit samsung dat only changes name nd color…mtcheeew….my rice don cold sef on top ur rubbish.

  10. mtcheew,y u comparin my super tecno dat comes up wif new thingz evry dai wit samsung dat only changes name nd color…mtcheeew….my rice don cold sef on top ur rubbish.

  11. You may be right in some ways but you aren’t in other ways but first of all, go & up your game in the grammar phase!

  12. Can’t laff at all,..seems everyone is using Tecno,… Guy u beta becareful next time on what topic to debate on b4 d Tecno vampires eat u up alive….next time compare Tecno to G-tide…mtchewwww

  13. inglorious bastard. . . u think we dont knw samsung is bigger and beta dan tecno. . . that dosnt mean tecno aint good…note that dey both are chines product and they al produced chinco (javaless phone) in the pass… and it took samsung several years to get here while tecno not have of the years samsung took to get here. . . .and the produce comparable phones 2 samsung in the least java and android market. . .like right nw u can barely see a javaless or non adroid tecno ..chinco.. in any store around the world. . . .and nw tecno has taken over the android mobile market y cos dey startd wit a lesser android price tagged phones….not like samsung when they hit the droid market u wil hav 2 hav enof cash 2 grab it…imagin the galaxy pocket sold @21k tecno got gr8 stuff there low price pakage dosnt make them inferior but marketing strategy…

  14. Samsung beefing techno! I have noticed Techno phantom taking over Lagos market, it ain’t their fault, it serves wat Samsung can, cheap , & durable y wont pple go for it. U need to c des new ones after A+.

  15. Sorry to say, but there are lots of illiterates posting comments here, and basically most of u use techno phones that’s why u don’t know the difference between both, come to think of it why would u be comparing s3 & s4. Y’all should get ur facts right and then argue like matured peeps. Lastly techno has basically turned Nigeria into a dumping ground, why can’t they put up there products in western countries. Common sense is really needed in this forum.

  16. If not techno would u b able 2 buy Samsung Fone? Y did Samsung sue techno?y is techno producin d latest O.S Fone if dey r not improving?


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