Someone said Kim Kardashian is a witch!!! LOL. . so above is a photo proof that Kim kardashian had a bum implant.

Isn’t the difference between the left and right pictures just too much. What do you think??

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  1. No don’t think she had ass implants those are tight fitting jeans that makes her ass smaller! Also I think she was just slimmer then! The increase is just weight gain I reckon.and she’s stunning kim k

  2. Y’all kim neva got implants 4 her ass ooo! She even showed d world her medical report. I dunno where una see fake ass! Mscheew.

  3. Her ass is real please get you fact rights even her breast is real thats why she can breastfeed! That was a picture of when she was very younger! Look at her mom’s ass kris and khloe’s ass too! They r endowed in their family so stop posting nonsense

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