According to the story sent out to the media, Chika Ike, who is still on her luxurious Abu Dhabi vacation, is enjoying this holiday, lodged in one of the most expensive hotels in the world – Emirates Palace Hotel.

Where room rates go for as much as from N810, 000 a night ie $5,000 to $17,000 a night.




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  1. The person paying is the one taking the pics for sure bcos I’m so sure she can’t allow stranger into her room to be taking her pics….she no smart reach that side naija fast thinker…how much does she earn from a role in a movie and she’s sleeping in an hotel worth 810k per night….we don’t need a prohpht to tell us someont is footing the bill and that is d person taking the pics for sure…

  2. She cld have dressed better. D skirt is just 5k
    Even I , a non celebrity have that skirt! Maybe becos it just came out some of us non celebrity won’t know ! Dress better for a hotel of such huge price

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