Chris Attoh Speaks On Marrying Damilola Adegbite

They have both starred in the MNet TV Series, Tinsel, and also in Nollywood Love Movie, “Flower Girl“, Ghanaian actor and Nigerian Nollywood actress, Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegbite got married earlier this year and so far, it can be said that they have been having a wonderful time together.

Chris Attoh, while speaking with The Nation, revealed how he meet his wife, how other Ghanaian females reacted, Tinsel TV Series and all.

He says the series has been a huge blessing to him:

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On Tinsel Series

Tinsel has been a huge blessing in my career. It was a training ground for a lot of the things I’m able to do today and I’ll always be grateful to MNet for that. On a personal level, I’m also very grateful because that is also where I met my beautiful wife and it has been wonderful since I got married to her. It is like we are acting every day.

On what attracted him to her

The attraction to my wife when I first met her is, her birthday is on the 18th of May while mine is on the 17th. That is the first thing that caught my attention. I said this must be my sister. If I’m a day before her, then our thoughts are probably the same and our desires are the same. We did find out that our desires are the same. She is an amazing person. When Dami walks into a room, she steals the attention so it is very hard not to notice her. Obviously I was meeting new people, new faces but she definitely made an impression.

On ladies reactions to him getting married to her

My Ghanaian sisters, my Nigerian sisters, my Canadian sisters, my American sisters were all angry. Don’t mind me. That is all I’ll say.

On his reaction

My reaction is that you enjoy life until you find that one person who you decide you will not let go, you want to share the rest of your life with that person. Unfortunately, it has to be one person. It beats being whether the person is Ghanaian or Nigerian or Italian. I was lucky to find myself a hot, beautiful Nigerian woman. Me, I need some fire in my life, so there you go.



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