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Ever since I step my foot in my sis house, the husband have been disturbing my life, first he sent me message and I taught it was a joke just last night he purposely touch my b00000-bs when I was in the kitchen cooking and I became so angry that I refuse to eat and my sis ask me why I’m that angry, I couldn’t utter a word because he was staring at me.

He sent me another text this afternoon telling me that my sis is travelling on wednesday this week 2 come back on sunday and that he will have me all to himself, can u imagine? should I tell me sis and how will she feel? Because I don’t want to create problem btw them.

Advice please

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  1. Be bold and mature,confront and insult him then leave the damn house untill your sister comes back.Try and confide in any of your big sisters or a close anty,incase of tomorrow,if the issue bursts.Dnt keep it to yurself buh plz dnt let yur sister know fo now.

  2. Play along and record his conversations with u,den confide in anoda elderly person in ur family…Dat elderly person will knw aw 2go abt it…dnt take any rash actions on ur own cos he wil turn it on u…Av bin dr!

  3. I guess your beauty has swept him off his feet. Please leave that house now before something goes wrong. Save your sister’s marriage.

  4. Get evidence,leave d aus pending wen ur sis kums bk den confront him in her presence bcus derz no marriage 2 b saved der.. If he doesn’t do t wif u,he’d do t wif anada person n wud end up hurting ur sis more

  5. This kin thing fit happen? Some people na he goat sha!!! I hope u don’t put on seductive cloths around d house, cos some girls worry (temptation)…I don’t think u need to leave, sit him down and counsel him…But if he continues then the text msgs are enough evidence

  6. Get the hell out of that house, you don’t have to tell your sis right now. Meanwhile, do not delete those sms. You don’t have to tell anyone about it if u really wanna save ur sister’s marriage. The man will cheat on ur sister afterall even if not with you. So, keep the proofs and tell no one cos whoever u tell might either expose things or use it against their marriage.

  7. It’s not out place for the guy to misbehave, perharps he is not the “He goat” we believe. It might as well be the carriage of the young lady. However you”sis in law” talk with him to see his errors and live right. Make him know you’d blow his cover if he tries as much touch you again. And babe you got to be damn serious to do as you promise. Tomorrow you all be happy and he’ll respect your maturity.

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