Apple is seemingly facing its first hurdle.

Some iPhone 6 users are reporting that their new smartphones are bending out of shape in their pockets, highlighting a big design flaw with the new smartphone.

Apple has been keen to point out that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the company’s largest smartphones yet, though the devices’ large screens and thin frames are reportedly leading to them bending out of shape in consumers’ pockets only days after they launched.



According to MacRumors, some iPhone 6 owners have revealed that their brand new devices are struggling to stay in their pockets without permanently curving due to the stress placed upon them.


One user wrote on the site’s forums: “Yesterday, I left at 10am with the iPhone in my left FRONT pocket of my suit pants. I drove 4 hours to a wedding, which also involved a lot of sitting during dinner etc but also 2-3 hours of dancing. I left at 2am and went to bed, driving home 4 hours back.

“So in total, the 6 Plus was about 18 hours in my pocket while sitting mostly.

“As I lay it on the coffee table and sat down on the couch to relax from the drive (yes, sitting again ), I saw the reflection of the window in the iPhones slightly distorted.”

iPhone models have become bent out of shape in the past due to wear and tear, though this happening just a few days following the new hardware’s launch is not a good sign. We’ll wait to see whether or not this issue is reported by a wider amount of users, though in the meantime, you should ensure you don’t put too much pressure onto your new iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus if you don’t want to wind up with a wonky piece of tech.



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