Soul E who has since proven himself to be some kind of a prophet whose prophecies never come to pass has decided to take a shot at the Ebola Virus Outbreak.


The Singer-turned-pastor said that he has all the answers needed to combat the viral disease.
The ‘Prophet’ sent a broadcast message to his contacts on Blackberry messenger,(BBM), where he said that Ebola is not physical but spiritual.

It reads:

“Everyone is talking about Ebola, people are even wearing hand protection, some even cover their nose, hear me Africa, Ebola is not physical but it is spiritual,” he said. “There is good news, the solution is simple; if you are my son or my daughter, buy olive oil, read Psalms 27 and 29 into the oil. Oil your body with it daily before you leave your house. That devil of Ebola is a bastard. I prophesy as a prophet in this land the end of Ebola has come, you are protected in the name of Jesus.”

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