Late last year, radio personality Kelly Mac interviewed outspoken and undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather on 107.3 Jamz.

The ‘best’ pound for pound boxer, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather confessed that he has a ‘good heart,’ but that he does not feel obligated to give to charities, specifically in Africa.

“[People] say ‘well, he got all this money, why is he not giving to Africa?” starts Mayweather.

‘Well, what has Africa given to us? What has Africa came and gave to my children and to my family? Things work two ways.”

He then discussed the threat that he believes giving too much money to charity can cause. “Everybody’s always talking about giving, giving, giving.

That’s the problem. Everybody’s doing so much giving, at the end of the day, they may not have nothing. Then they’ll say “why was he giving this to that person, and giving this to that person when he should have been saving?”

Mayweather goes on to say that he should be able to do whatever he wants with his earnings, such as using it to provide for himself and his family.

“I never got involved in the sport of boxing to say ‘I’m going to fight and make hundreds of millions of dollars and just give it all away.’

If I’m gonna mess money off in a bad way, I’m going to spend it on myself. I’m going to do what I want to do with my money. You hear people talking about, ‘well, he should…donate to this or donate to that.’ No, I should donate to Floyd Mayweather, donate to Floyd Mayweather’s family.

Because that’s what it’s about.” According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mayweather, 38, is now worth $330 million. Mayweather also has a charity, The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation, in which the foundation declares to help underprivileged youth in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Recently, Mayweather has been in the news for reportedly spending $50,000 for rapper Nicki Minaj to appear at his daughter’s birthday party.



  1. Who told you Americans that Africa is in need of your money? May Weather enjoy all efforts Africans we are sufficient of our God's provisions and never dare to boast that without you Africans can't stand. May God be merciful to like minded non Africans

  2. the presenter who asked that foolish quation is totally MAD!!! what does he takes we africans for? do u tink african is poor like dat of ur country AMERICA? now to Americans leave AFRICA alone!!!!! Africa is nt of one country foolish presenter!!!! DO african needs his help? Or African is calling on him to come and help us? Foolish Americans!!! which country depens on others dan that of u the Ameicans?

  3. “Give it will come back to u good measure press down shaking together run it over”God s please with a cheerful giver,i hav a series of question to ask floyd,must africans do something for u and ur family before u render any help or donate? Must u donate to someone or organization for something in return? Must u donate or give out because u wanna show off?……recall the same God who blesses u richly does d same to some people in african as well,as God had blessed american so he did to african as well but in diversified ways and manners! Come off d fact dat u re d current richest sport man in d world,it costs God nothing to raise another man even in african who will be much more richer,prominient and famous than u to donate to needy and poor without lookin back……..

  4. you are a beast of the highest other who need your money, how do you think you look like an african who dont know his trace you are not a white man, just wait American will soon throw you in jail very soon and make you poor then. monster we have better reach men and women here in africa some are even reacher that you generation to come already big foollllllll urglest

  5. Hé jeune homme je crois que l'argent te monte par la tête en passant il faudrait que tu intègres que nous africains d'Afrique nous n'avons pas besoin de ton argent mais ne perds jamais de vu que toutes vos richesses se tirent de l'Afrique et que par ton soit disant statut de boxeur milliardaire devait dire aux dirigeants occidentaux et particulièrement américains de laisser nos ressources minières, pétrolières, forestières tranquilles et tu verras que nous serions encore plus heureux que maintenant, tu n'es qu'un pauvre noir dans ta tête on dit bien afro-américain.


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