Senegalese footballer, Krepin Diatta, has slammed social media bullies who have been making mockery of his physical appearance since he featured for Senegal in the ongoing African Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Krepin Diatta who plays for Club Brugge KV as a midfielder became a notable figure after scoring a screamer, his first goal for Senegal against Tanzania during their opening match last Sunday.

While many web users were praising Diatta for his goal, some decided to mock his physical appearance.

One troll even went as far as sharing a photo of Krepin with his beautiful white girlfriend and called them “beauty with a beast”

Reacting to the insults he has been receiving on social media, the 20-year-old wrote in a statement.

“I am very sad to see my African brothers making fun of me, I work for our beautiful and dear africa continent and what I receive in return are only insults, mockery from my brothers.

This is too bad of you and racism comes from there, I need your encouragement, not insults, Thank you to everyone who supports me. It is only God who gives me strength and I am proud of my physical appearance your mockery won’t change anything in my life.

But one thing for sure, we are all AFRICANS. KREPIN DIATTA”

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  1. It is a pity. Ignore all mockery and keep moving on. You are far better than the mockers. As you rightly said; we are all AFRICANS. God bless you more, my guy. Pray for you to be the best footballer in the world some day.

  2. My brother you’re a very Good person and true beauty is on the inside and not the outside, those who are saying those things to you are just jealous of you, so never mind them and focus on the Good that is in you and moreover you’re a very handsome man, you will see with the firm which you have ladies will be dying for you, even those who are mocking you will come begging for you my brother, God Bless you and keep up with the Good Spirit in you.
    Much love from CLETUS KABAGHE, Zambian

  3. May God bless you, Africans have desease called senselessness. How do you expect someone without sense to value what dey have…. Just stay focus the sky is already your limit

  4. It is very sad indeed my brother because everyone is just an image of God and we have to thank God and love each other as one.

  5. Pls disregard all these useless destructive criticisms. you are a player par excellence and I admire your footballing prowess!

  6. beauty come from the heart just believe in what you do,if some want to mock you let them go with there sure those with good idea will believe in your quality and I know sky will be your limit, love you keeping Diatta

  7. My brother man never give up their insult can only make you strong and I believe no right thinking man will insult or make mockery you we are all the same before God, I encourage you to strive and achieve your set goal

  8. You worked harder before you getting to where you’ve got to.
    GOD blessings is what’s needed.
    Don’t let mockery bring you down

  9. Let no mockery bring you downstairs.
    God bless you.
    You worked harder before getting to where you’ve got to.
    May God help you stay fit and qualify.

  10. God bless you. one you shall play for a bigger club in Europe if not real Madrid, the European giants and trace me back. Black is beauty

  11. Bro never mind them.I can’t blame them either it’s the level of their illiteracy that is combatting with them while we are not growing here in africa.keep doing your good work.Your pocket is handsome.

  12. You’re a creature of God’s image
    God bless you Diatta. Love you loads and we are proud to be Be Black.
    Stay focus, the fool making mockery of your physical looks will definitely one day wish to take photographs with you.
    One love

  13. Continue with your beautiful career my son. God loves you and is proud of you. Keep on banging goals and your dollars will them know that you are a true African blessed by God.

  14. my African brother from another country don’t mind what they say haters don’t have anything good to offer just stay focus and ignore those words focus on the positive side it things

  15. sooooo sad to ear something like this but I love your level of maturity African we are one ????????????

  16. Love you @KREPIN DIATTA”, your response to these mockers melt my heart. You will continue to be a shinning light in the African continent. Amen.

  17. Some of my African brothers behave like those stupid Whites we see on match venues making racist chants on blacks. It baffles me why some bad elements in Africa won’t join hands and support our own. Papi keep soaring high because you are already in for greatness. Your goal will go down well in the history of AFCON.

  18. Diatta, you are a true son of God. Despite the negative comments, you still have good words to say to your haters. like someone said, just stay focused. you are doing Africa proud. keep doing what you know best and God will be with you. you are made in the image and likeness of God. One love son.

  19. first I like ur courage…. people that mock u, I know with what u have in ur bank account you can feed there first and second generation…..keeping making your country proud and African…..word best is around the corner waiting for you my guy……

  20. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. I love you already for not lashing them back the way they did. You are one of God’s best and they will keep hating you because they can’t be where you are in fame… You are far way better than those who insults and belittles God’s creature. Keep winning bro.

  21. people say thing because of jealousy. let dem say whatever they want, just know dat no matter what dey say, it will only make u stronger. ❤❤❤❤❤

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