charles-okafor-richard-mofe-damijo-7True fans of the Nollywood actor have been wondering why their best man has been off scene, you don’t o need to worry any more, he’s finally broken the silence. Actor, Charles Okafor has opened up on why he’s been lying low for a while. Okafor, a Nollywood veteran popped up at a popular event in Lagos and disclosed the reason why he’s been off the radar for a while.

The actor told The Entertainer that it’s because he’s found Christ: “I’ve been lying low for a while because I diverted into Advocacy and human-angle films as a consequence of my new found faith. I’m still a career actor and a film maker but I am mindful of the scripts I do. A time come in the life of any professional when he seats back and takes stock of his professional issues and the legacy he want to live behind from the spiritual stand point of view.

“You cannot just do any kind of film anymore if you’re going to be the light to the nations of the world. We must be seen in the context of the things that glorify God in totally,” Okafor declared.

“I’m driven to do advocacy films because they address social issues, human angle and spiritual issues that borders on the kingdom. That explains why I might not be as visible as I was some years back.

According to the actor: You see, you cannot eat your cake and still have it. You cannot serve God and serve Marmon. You must clearly define where your stand. I have put my hands to the plow so I shouldn’t look back but that those not remove the fact that I’m still a career actor and film maker,” Okafor added.


  1. It is well with you Mr okafor. When one find Christ truely, you will no more be living your own way but the ways that pleases God. Things u find difficult before will become easy to handle, that is, your flesh is dead. U nolonger listen to what people will say, but what the holy spirit direct u to do.

  2. May God continue to Guide u into all truths IJN amen. I’m so happy 4 u especially d day I saw u @ FGBMFI Convention 2012 dat took place in Lagos then I knew God has arrested u, pls keep it up & also tell ur colleagues abt Christ, d Holy Spirit shall b wt u every step IJN amen. Godbless u


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