Here are 40 Facts you probably might not know about Star-Boy — Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun

1) His Real Names are Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.

2) He was born on July 16, 1990 in Lagos into a family of 6. He’s from Lagos State, Nigeria.

3) He is the last and only son in the family.

4) His favourite Color is Black.

5) Wizkid holds the record for the highest number of Celebrities feature (Cameo Appearance) on a Music Video in Africa – ‘Tease Me’ & ‘Pakurumo’

6) Wizkid got his first car in 2011 Black Honda Accord i-VTEC.

7) Wizkid started off singing at 11 under the name ‘Lil Prinz’.

8) He formed a group back then at 11, Glorious Five.


  1. all Na tru except for d 300million champagne, he popped d cheaper one, ND he said it himself…..#gbam… I rate weezy.


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