So everyone seems to be going android now especially now that Tecno has come up with a new range of cheap Android phones.

Now we have come up with one of the latest technology to upgrade your Blackberry phone to an Android

The procedure is easy but you have to follow it carefully else you could destroy your phone forever. If you aren’t sure of yourself, give your phone to someone who is tech savvy to follow these steps for you.

The procedure

  • Get your blackberry smartphone ready phone ready. Make sure it is fully charged

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  1. Hahaha… that’s funny. But the BB would probably still work, whilst trying that with GS4 it would turn into ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ in 2.37 seconds.

  2. No sane person in their right mind would change their amazing BB device with that great durable HW to a cheap Samsung phones because everyone seems to be doing so!
    BB10 platform is the best out there but you wouldn’t know because you haven’t even touched one.

    While US government and many professionals are still using BB devices and upgrading to their new platform, clowns like you with nothing better to do, come up with stupid articles to bash them.

    It’s funny because you haven’t even given any reason to why one needs to switch to Samsung except for it being CHEAP and that Others seem to be doing so!

    I personally chose BB10 to lead and not to follow, there are many like me who don’t use their phones as a toy but a computing device and actually get things done.

    Blackberry might be going through some tough times but they are not going anywhere and will soon come back stronger than ever!

  3. Junk! This man just wants to increase website traffic. BB10 Rocks! It’s not necessary I do what everyone else is doing. I do not want to be a doctor but my all three roommates are studying medicine. You idiot, I love my BB and BBM. I’d rather fry a SAMSUNG S4 with the addition of some extremely hot spices. Would you like to test?

  4. The writer must surferring from chronic psycho syndrome which has degenerated to uncurable madness. For ur mind, u av posted or twitted something abi.

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