Handsome Nollywood Actor, Joseph Benjamin and Yvonne Nelson from Ghana were arrested and taken away to an army barracks after they were arrested by A Colonel in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.

Apparently, reasons for their arrest is unknown, but the script interpreters were severly dealt with by the military officers after they were taken away in a van.

The said incident caused a stir around the area where they were arrested, but according to Sylvester Madu, the Director of the yet-to-be-released movie, the Movie which will be released soon will be shown in cinemas across the country.

In the movie, Sylvester Madu plays an army Colonel, Joseph Benjamin and Yvonne Nelson play a couple who are con artists.

Oh you didn’t get the drill yet? These pictures and scene are from a yet-to-be-released movie.

See More pictures below:




  1. oh my G, u guys got me on this, i was like-what are the Ghanians going to say abt their daughter(national scandal oooo) hmmmmmm….a nice way of getting our attentions. nice job guys. keep it up.

  2. Are you sure that ben & Yvonne did not try to act the couple part as real b4 the army kick against and get them arrested? You know we dont tolerate nonsense in Akwa Ibom.

  3. Goddammit….Can’t brlieve this people got me on this. Nice one sha. My mind don begin think diffent things ooo. I go do my own back. U can imagine, just movie. There is God oo

  4. Mercy JohnSon or wetin dem dey call u,u are a very silly stupid,greedy and very selfish lady,you are posting stupid and unrealistic new. Anyway dat’s d kind of Country we find ourselves,people like you should be Jailed. Nonsense.


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