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It has been difficult for Actress Juliet Ibrahim to let her fans know that her marriage with Kwadwo Safo has long ended due to the fact that, as a mother, she has been keen on making the welfare of her child paramount.

Juliet Ibrahim and ex-husband Kwadwo Safo have been blessed with a baby boy and even though their marriage did not go as planned due ‘irreconcilable differences’, the two have agreed to stay in close contact for the benefit of the child.

We’ve spoken to Juliet Ibrahim on several occasions in relation to this and we’ve respected her decision to keep the divorce on the low—-so that the two involved would not be distracted from their responsibilities towards the child they have together as parents…

Sandwiched between making her fans aware of the breakup and protecting the interest of her child, Juliet has for some time now kept mute on the issue in order to ensure that her son does not suffer in anyway from the break up.
However, Juliet Ibrahim has found it necessary to let her fans know today that, she is no more married to Kwadwo Safo—and the marriage ended some time ago, she confirmed this to GhanaCelebrities.Com.

With the interest of an innocent child on the table, we ask that you treat this difficult but necessary decision to put her divorce out there for her fans to know with respect.

Some marriages work and others do not. But when there is a child involved, the interest of the child should be placed beyond that of any other person—and that is what we’ve done over the years for the little boy.
So those of you who think we do not have conscience—we have when it REALLY matters!


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