Pastor-Adeboye-e1360270085419According to Kemi, she owns Ibadan city, her hometown and God said the rally won’t hold.
She boasted on her blog earlier on today of her success, then took to her Facebook page to thank her fans for helping her succeed.
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People are starving on the streets and many don’t have light or water. Adeboye is not planning to move around the city today to give to the poor. Instead, he is planning to cause fanatical gridlock around Adamasingba.

I simply told RCCG, I will organize a poverty PROTEST. Take that rally to Borno state. He’s heading to Ilorin now in his private jet.

#BREAKING Adeboye’s trip to Ibadan tomorrow CANCELLED!
No more rally at Adamasingba stadium.
This city does not need fanatism.
7 days to go!

 I am the MOST hated woman in Nigeria now just like Kim Kardashian is the most hated in America. We are LOVING it.  BE HATED! Don’t HATE!

RCCG COUNTDOWN: ZERO more days and its over for Pastor Adeboye.

 Good Morning Ibadan. To all my REAL loyal fans in this city, THANK U for helping me SUCCEED in stopping Adeboye’s Expressway church from infiltrating our city.

We don’t need all that here. Our people are starving on the streets and many don’t have light or water. Adeboye is not planning to move around the city today to give to the poor. Instead, he is planning to cause fanatical gridlock around Adamasingba and a total disaster that will cost our city MONEY we have to pay the NPF to direct traffic and many of you stuck under Mokola bridge on your way to Shoprite for food shopping.

 Take that nonsense elsewhere. I counted down here that it WON’T happen cos GOD said so. Not today, I wrote them that I will organize a huge protest disrupting his preaching. We don’t want fanatical Christianity anymore.

ADEBOYE spelled backwards means EYOBEDA “Take the Knife out where?” Not in my city. Take it out in your church on the Express and stab every congregation member in the back as you’ve done. Don’t let any mega pastor stab u in the back. They cannot pay your child’s school fees or let u attend their schools easily. N630,000 per term.

ADEBOYE ANSWER: Pastor Enoch Adeboye is a G-A-Y H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L PASTOR who preaches HATE while he’s F-U-C-K-I-N- men.

Be like me. Expose the truth.

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  1. Kemi I pity ur parents, they are simply tired of ur madness that they have abandoned you to fate. Am sure you are simply a source of sorrow to them. They will always curse the day you were born and will wish u had died at birth. I wonder why u decided to allow the devil to posses you sooo much. U r simply a nervous wreck. But I beg of u to simply retrace your steps and accept christ before its too late.

    • Fuck your annointed, you bible twisting muphos. Gullible fools who worship these rogues like gods. Oloshi, dumb arse muphos! Na dat same God go punish una for taking advantage of gullible and poverty stricken Nigerians in the name of religion or adeboye.

  2. Speechless but kemi I pity one thing I know is dat pastor Adeboye is not ur president so pour all ur frustration on OJB not an innocent pastor

  3. I don’t knw why nigerians r so gullible. Why are we so blind folded with religious extremism & dogmatism. Y can’t we see clearly that pple like pastor Enoch Adeboye & his folks CAN NOT add meaningful value 2 our society bt continue with their religious hypocracy & societal malady, living la vida loca at d expense of followers living in abject poverty. Kudos 2 Kemi, we need many of u 2 correct our social vices.

    • B4 you jugde others always put the pin on yourself. Go check the records, how many pple has kemi helped b4. or possibly u, is the pastor the cause of the poverty in our land?

    • You’re the gullible one here… And just like the deluded woman that’s discriminating a man of God, u need serious prayers.. Words cannot describe the level at which I am irritated by ur comments..

  4. God pls, show ds ppl dt u are d God of Adeboye. Punish them immensely for ds wrong they have done. May their generations unborn suffer d repacaution of ds.

  5. In as much as I do not believe in extremism, I also think it is naive and reckless to do what Kemi has done. You do not know what u will do to bring everlasting curse on your generation. Beware ALL.

  6. God of Adeboye won’t punish em, he ll take his blessing else where, wen it s time to bless Ibadan people, trust me Kemi won’t be dere to stop it

  7. U pple av bin brain washed. I pity Y’all…U knw [email protected], all of U [email protected] said may God of Adeboye purnish U blah…blah…blah are dumb. Do U knw d god he’s truly worshipping? I’m nt sayin’ he’s fake and @ d same tym I’m nt sayin’ he’s a true man of God buh U all nid 2 be wise. Mst of U cannot afford 3square meals, can’t send ur kids 2 one of d best schools yet U pay tithes regularly and offerings in2 dere churches. Blv me, Y’all fools. I knw d foolish ones amongst U will rain abuses on me buh I do nt give a fuck. A word is enough for the wise. If U like continue driving ur JALOPEE whc U see as cars thinkin’ U are living like kings when ur so called pastors are flying in dere private jets and driving exotic cars. And as 4 d pple [email protected] are still walkin’ I hp U realise d truth and free ursef 4rm avin’ d mentality [email protected] U receive salvation only in churches. Blv me or nt “U ARE WHAT U THINK U ARE”. Take it or U leave it.

  8. @ wu cares! If d properity of men of God is making u jealous,well,u can as well do d sacrifices they do 4 God,maybe God will use u N u will become properous too! D bible said,he dat works in d lords vineyard,shall eat from d lord’s vine yard,so,quit hating N go get a life. As 4 d mad lady,I pity her,cos d children dat made jest of prophet Elija,were torn apart by a wild beast,hers will be worse! Be ware! U have no right 2 judge a man of God! Remove d log of wood in ur eye b4 u will be able 2 see clearly 2 try N remover a strand of hair in some other persons eye! Word of advice 2 u.

  9. I have long ignored kemi.Its obvious that her family seems to have abandon her.i hope the”gullible” Nigerians will not continue to give her attention since she wants to become a” kardasian”. She can’t even be herself.Pity

  10. If u ar poor 2day & bcos of dt u ar hating & condeming dos dt ar made,riding exotic cars & private jet,wher were u when dey ar poor lik u,go get a life & let som pple talk abt u too,stop sayin rubbish abt pple u dnt even know.Stop religious hate & crisis.

  11. Indeed, the end time is near!!! Many are being deceived. The words of d Holy Bible are made evident. Datz all I cn say.

  12. Kemi all ur generation no reach stop the gospel 4 Ibadan…u r 2 insignificant, trying to paint somone bad in other to look good #endtimebeast

  13. @kemi, u dnt av 2 ridicule a man of God bcos u want 2 b noticed. U r not fit 2 disrupt wateva dat is ordained by God. I pray God visit u & @ all dose wagging dere idiotic mouth wit u, y dnt u all sacrifise & pray 2 God to bless u instead of envying dem. D bible says” seek ye first d kingdom of God & every other thing will be added unto u. Dey ve seeked him, u can also do d same & enjoy d heavenly blessing

  14. We people must understand somethings clearly,I don’t think Nigeria is a country where a man of God should be rich.he should have given the poor all he had and why on earth will a man of God need wealth?accumulation of money is the root of all evil so don’t get it when pastors are richer than the bad people that really want life or are they after the life more than the heaven too?the missionary universities should have been the cheapest in the country but they are money making and don’t know what those income are needed for?….I’m not saying anyone is bad or any is good but all I’m saying is we africans need to be wiser and try more to understand the word of God and not a church goer

  15. I am not surprised that d likes of Kemi, Lambo, D2 and co can blasphem the Lord’s anointed. We are at perilous times so its very common, but pls I beg u guys not to incure God’s wrath in a way u and ur generations unborn will live to face d music. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye is no one such common men of God, he is a child of destiny and covenant with God. We all can only pray and hope in God to change d situations in our country but attempting to stop d Gospel of christ is very grave an offence. It only shows dt God will use u guys sooner or later to propagate his Gospel like he did to Saul after a personal touch. Pls u all shud ask for forgiveness ooo, I beg.

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