Okay, So I just read this on nairaland. .I knew this was a rumour and definitely a prank. salt and water for ebola bawo? Ebola is a VIRUS and not a WORM!

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I Started The Saltwater Ebola Cure Rumor I Truely Am Sorry – by Adesewa (DRealGeesam1 – nairaland username)

My confession and apology

Dear nairalanders and everyone who have heard of the ebola Prevention “News”, My name is Adesewa, I am coming out clean because what started has a joke has escalated into the unprecedented.
How it started
Yesterday i was with friend in her hostel, we were talking about this Ebola out break, when one of my friends, Funke (she introduced me to nairaland) brought the idea of Us playing a prank on our friends. The first suggestion was to tell people that aloe very could cure Ebola, but we thought it would sound too ridiculous so we forgot about it.

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Later that even an idea came to me (i now regret that i did it).
I decided to send a BBM broadcast message to my friends, telling them that the Ministry of Health has asked everyone to bathe with salt and warm water and drink some of it.
I sent the message 7:08pm yesterday

Later this midnight i started getting calls and messages that i should drink salt water and bath with it.

All efforts to tell people that i was the one who started the joke failed. Only my friends who i mentioned earlier believed me. Even my mum could me this morning, i did not know what to tell her.

I am using this medium to beg you all to warn and tell everyone, before they drink salt and damage their health.

Please dont be hash on me. I know this has gone out of hand. I never knew it will be this serious. Some have even added to the original message i sent.

According to her, She’s a student of Federal University of Technology, Akure. .See her reply to a post directed to her on nairaland below..


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    • now look at what u have course as a result of this silly joke of urs two people in jos are now died 20 others hospitalize for too much of sait intake

  1. I’ll just advice to be careful with what we call joke or playing pranks wen it comes to issues like this. Caution!! Caution!! Caution!!

  2. pls, dont joke with a thing like dis nxt time, we r all human, searching for solution to dis EBOLA n would want to buy any idea to prevent being a victim to d virus. so be warned.

  3. Thanks for having the courage to come out to do a recount. I hope you will do same thing you did originally by sending this apology via your BBM to cancel the fake rumour. Also seek the face of God to forgive you because you never could know the damage this may have caused in less than 24hours to many Nigerians, who do not ask questions, who do not read maybe becuase of Non-existence of electricity etc.

    • u r so stupid 4thinking it’s ok for her for posting such mean joke as a solution to Ebola. i understand that every1 makes mistakes but come on she should know better than that. I jst hope her life doesn’t get ruined for this dump mistake.

  4. Does Ebola sound like something you should joke about? people are truly in fear for their lives and it is irresponsible to think that this is remotely funny.

  5. It is good that you have come forward to apologise. Saw what you wrote on nairaland and how quick you are at taking offence at what people are saying. You shouldn't cos you did a wrong thing albeit jokingly. Sadly your apology here won't get to the people that believed your joke. The problem this joke of yours have caused is great. People started calling my mum in the middle of the night, she disturbed my sleep, wasted gas and time upon water boiling and there was a big fight when majority of the family Said it is a lie. Lots of things happened within other families just because of your expensive joke. So my dear don't get angry when people lash out at you, it is a repercussion of what you did.

  6. Joke!!!, what is she saying must you talk? Pls think twice before you do things, talk because you have something to say, don’t talk because you want to

  7. Joke!!!, what is she saying must you talk? Pls think twice before you do things, talk because you have something to say, don’t talk because you want to. I don’t know what to believe in my country again

  8. Am spechless sewa or what did u call urself, Am telling u Boldly here that u av cause a lot of damage outhere bcos of ur expensive joke,If its somtin dat’ll kill person,dats hw we’ll all fall into it,I don’t blame pple cos d fear nd tension is so high

  9. It is an expensive joke….u just coz d death of my neigbour who has high b.p.. She died after drinking salt nd water…pray for her soul to rest in peace

  10. sometimes what we are looking for in a far place can be so close to us even in our kitchen.the rumour might have save so many I jus want you guys to know that if you believe in it and pray it can even be the cure

  11. Hold ur apology first till 2 weeks time wen d result of wat u did start to cum out.cos many must av use de-rica to measure salt into very small quantity of water bcos of dea ignorance nd fear of d virus.if anyone die or damage any part of dea body as a result of dis ur so called joke,yhu shall giv acct of it in d day of judgment

  12. I don't know why people wanna cut off her neck because of this little prank. Will you all burn your fingers if she had told everyone that you get cured or protected by doing that? Hey guys, use your brains and don't be fooled the next time. I wanna believe only an half-informed adult will take his/her bath with Salt-solution dis morning…lolzzz….So funny I must say. Lastly, the prank might be a bit expensive at this period, not because of full grown adults but because some children might come across the Broadcast and decide to act according to the dictates. they might hurt themselves by so doing. Thanks

  13. I took it as a fluke. Nd wat wld I do in d face of life threatening ebola? I jst hav 2follow ur jokingly instructions. Wat if,it works. Ur appology shld b accepted by all.

  14. Haha my sister,wat u done is totally bad,som pple as die,som pple r alive,next tim dnt do dat kind of joke,cox it might v destroy alot of tin in human life,all dsm u v 2 b patient on wateva pple r posted cox u r d1 dat cause dix upon ur sev,god we 4giv u

  15. This your joke is damm too expensive. You know the world is now a global village so be careful of what you broadcast. Let’s fear sin has were dehy fear ebola

  16. Don’t worry, na because u get hand and BB, na im make u de ping anyhow,idiot. Don’t worry ur family n ur relations dem go follow drink salt n water,idiot. U carry ebola matter de play, thunder fire u,,,,idiot.

  17. dear adesewa if only you know wat u have caused u wont even try sending apologises that wont help those in the hospital bleeding and vomitting blood. u are a bad person u can kill or better still u have killed so many. #thereisGOD

  18. This girl is a real bastard. Why would she play prank with the dreaded ebola virus. This news has circulated nationwide. She needs to be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

  19. Unfortunately, word travels fast. Some villagers in remote parts of the country are now bathing in brine and consuming large volumes of salted water. And for those with unmanaged high blood pressure consuming this brew of brine, will place themselves on a pathway to death. Guess what percentage of the Nigerian population have access to the Internet? Too bad. Glad you came clean though, Adesewa.

  20. My people perish because dey lack knwlg..this show d leve of ignorance n literacy among our people… ok u came out clean. I salute u 4ur courage n u even deserve a national honor 4dis…4 d rest of u who fell 4 dat.its high time u start applying wisdow…u people fall my hand u need to beaten seriously. …salt n water ke

  21. De idiot should be arrested and jailed while sensible people are busy researching on how to get cure to our compatriots who have the disease she is busy joking causing more harm

  22. Na wa 4 u o adesewa.. Ur smal joke has turn to a big headache 4 so many piple.dose wey no get kerosin go collect credit jst to perform d experiment…funi though if no harm cause

  23. Nigerians!!! So sori for dis country; dat even the so called litrates doesn not know what an air-bone disease is. We all need to give our lives to Christ so dat death wouldn’t be a threat to us.

  24. Adesuwa dis is no joke @all, I was cut short of my sleep becos of dis silly joke, I also have 2 borrow airtime 4rm mtn 2 call my beloved ones…actually ma aunt said it was prophesied by tb joshua, anyway I did it and I prayed so ebola virus or anyoda virus won’t near me….ur prank is really funny and d issue is delicate tho…can’t stop laughing!

  25. seriously Adeola Adeboye Ardex u calling this a lil prank? Obviously the damages of this so called "lil joke" didn't get to u otherwise u won't call it lil. and it's not bcoz u have access to internet that u should post such stupid comment. now plz b4 u answer any post, think of all the ppl (probably ur friends and family) who suffer from it. Thx Chinyere Camila

  26. I knew it was a prank from d very moment I heard about it d girl is just having fun ooo if literate nigerians cant use there brain dont blame a young girl for using hers
    abeg any body that abuses d girl again no get brain

  27. Flogged indeed. The bible says my people perish because they lack knowledge. A lot of awareness been made everywhere. You don't mean someone somewhere will still believe that?? My dear I call it stupidity if anyone heard such and acted without any form of seeking more clarification. Salt has chlorine which prevents transmission of the Virus even in swimming pool. But when U bath with it and it clears your body, what about your internal system??????……………LOLZZZZZ

  28. LWKMD: what arrant nonsense just a joke right well i did say people fell for it too quick i mean d news spread lyk wide fire but it’s those wey no use their brain think b4 doing such. LOL see neighbors for my yard dey rush go buy salt!!!

  29. Adeola Adeboye am very sure Ur use of the internet has affected u and u cant really think of the consequence and damage this has caused people? right now in jos my neighbor lost is wife who was pregnant, another of my neighbor has been rushed to the hospital cos she has been vomiting blood. i see u lack something and i pray i see u so i can buy it for u (its common sense). oDE!!!!

  30. Just imagine receiving a call around 2 and then by the word EBOLA and a way to prevent it that virus kill faster that AIDS OR HEPATITIS sef and u call it a little prank!!! Allah sine ma wanda yana banzan magana… naushi kawai!!

  31. Bamzo and co. U’re all stupid 4 wot u’re saying or let me even say u no get brain. This EVD of a thing is a deadly disease as we all know nd every1 is jst trying 2 prevent it dat’s y pple bliv d saline bath. And u are there saying rubbish, or who want 2 die so u beta watch ur tongue. Fools.

  32. Lot of laughz…Joke??? Well….apology acepted……u xo bold….. Plz palz dnt let us b 2 hard on her…buh i blame her for sndin d msg 2 all ha fwendz on bbm….Mhen! dt an expensive joke..

  33. hello everyone, maybe sewa is at fault, no big deal, we all have faults but then all of you people here have access to the internet, when you got the news why didn’t you bother verifying it? Ebola is a deadly virus, yes, but our sense of humor shouldn’t die Because of that. When I saw the message I knew it was a fluke, because I already did my personal research on the virus. y’all have access to Google go there and read articles about Ebola, then you’ll know what is and what’s not. Don’t insult her.
    PS: salt and warm water solution is not even harmful.

  34. have u read about Atta of Igala land on the the same salt and water of a thing who said he was the one that told his people to use the remedy.who are we to believe now.what a funny black nation.

  35. zakiyat or what do u call urself, how can you be insulting someone because he speak his mind? you most be very stupid

  36. Genius work…..
    U controlled the nation from last night….
    Thumbs up………

    It is those that followed your joke that are fools…..

    So what’s the mixture for tomorrow morning?
    Mercury(II) oxide poisoning????

  37. The apology message has so many wrongly spelt words I think you should focus in school instead of playing pranks with something as serious as Ebola, people don't know when and what to joke any more???

  38. Ignorant Nigerian. With all the Educations we had , I wonder why we blame the girl. She made a mistake but a lot of us self acclaimed literates are more pathetic. Believing this story in the first place is pathetic

  39. Una neva hear say Hypo na hn day cure Ebola??? Hahahaha….omo Adesewa u don bcum a celebrity 4 wetyn u do oooo…..lot of laughz


    EBOLA VIRUS is from God. So repent and be set free from this evil spirit of God. Salt, water, even and pepper cannot cure You, only GOD can save you. These evil spirit that work for God are the active forces of God “2 Chronicles 18 v 18-21 (NIV); Micaiah continued, “Therefore hear the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with all the multitudes of heaven standing on his right and on his left. 19 And the Lord said, ‘Who will entice Ahab king of Israel into attacking Ramoth Gilead and going to his death there?’ “One suggested this, and another that. 20 Finally, a spirit came forward, stood before the Lord and said, ‘I will entice him.’ “‘By what means?’ the Lord asked. 21 “‘I will go and be a deceiving spirit in the mouths of all his prophets,’ he said. “‘You will succeed in enticing him,’ said the Lord. ‘Go and do it.’
    Even God had to plot coup against Ahab, an ordinary man, you also know now that He is involved in the fake prophecies of many men of God, not devil. Whatever happens to man, God is involved. What man does not expect from God is what the Bible just told us that God does. Who is man that God will spend time to plot coup against him, why not kill the man? But that is his way and his ways are not our ways.

    for further information, read

  41. Dis girl should be arrested for causing such pandemonium in d country. Dis would serve as a deterrent to other fools that joke with serious issues. Now pple are dying out of excessive salt consumption….

  42. Dis is not a little prank. U don’t joke with national and international issues like dis that is of serious importance by spreading false news…. its a serious offence. I’m sure if dis happened in developed country, dis insane girl n her friends would be in custody…. and pple are dere saying everyone should ve known it’s a joke and verify d news…..I didn’t fall for it but I feel for d people who are dead or sick right now cos of dis false news

    Everyone isn’t educated and enlightened to ascertain that d news is possibly false. The blood of these people that have died so far would definitely be on dis girl’s head…

  43. I dont know what to say to you but you fooled your self, you better focus on your studies because you even know anything about spellings. Thanks for fooling yourself

  44. Ifiok…Ebola kant be from God as u claim. Infact, God has no evil spirit(s) that works for him. God is pure and serene…

  45. The person that spreed the “Salt and Hot Water” Therapy was not stupid but you. Why would someone with an ordinary common sense absorbs any information without an intesive research or getting it from a renown source “Specialist – Dr.” Infact, I’m not against whoever but against those that worried my gentle and peaceful sleep with their calls and noises all over the places. It surprised me that people don’t fear God but ordinary diseases which God is able to take care of. The bible says:EXO 15:26. If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee….
    So why the fear? Why not fear God and be free of these diseases. My neighbour who doesn’t go to church was praying and covering himself with the blood of Jesus today’s early hour just because of disease. In conculusion, if we can afford to fear disease then we can as well fear God cause God is mightier than any disease… God bless you all and repent. Know the truth and the truth shall set you FREE…

  46. All I’m gonna say is if anyone has become severely sick or God forbid dead as a result of your deadly joke because of these two very very stupid girls, their blood and suffering is totally on you, our national pranksters. Good riddings!

  47. why u think say the joke is understand by every body in the world , na every body go school abi na every body get sense, nobody can’t take it as a joke cos we are talking about health , for the sake of those call the victims of the joke names , u all are fools * Square . This joke Hv killed many in my area and also cos stomach disorder to many peoples life

  48. jef2cluv Hey!!! so "about" was omitted which is not the same as wrong spellings or sentences. I guess you have the habit of "fooling around" with people who "fool around" yeah? If you are looking for who to engage in a social media war with am sorry you have the wrong person okay?

  49. soso so funny wen me dont even bother to do it cos he dat keep me never sleep.nor slumber y will I be fair of disease by his strafe am heal
    believe in God and he will save you. blood of Jesus is enough

  50. Do u want us 2 give u award 4 spreading rumours? Or u still want the world 2 knw ur name. Clap 4 urself, ur rumour spread the whole world.Ur apologies can solve anytin cos 2 pple are already confirmed dead in jos n 20 pple hospitalized.

  51. this is a powerful joke frm sewa, pls dont do that again. wait i de drink salt and water early morning food never enter belle

  52. Your intention is in doubt. I guess that Nigerian service providers- MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, etc– sponsored you to use EBOLA to make tens of million Naira for them. Tell the service providers to use part of the profit to sponsor researches to find a solution to the blooming menace called EBOLA

  53. In fact she may not no the level of damage the salt had done to people at this point. Don't use your cultism to finish innocent people, God will actually punish u for the disaster u have actually caused Nigerians, in fact u are worst than Ebola. Watch out for your end, it is Ebola that will kill u.R.I.P

  54. U all claimed to be in computer and or IT age , yet failed to adhere to its patterns. what then is the use of Ignoring somethings rather than attempting all forms of garbage. If people don't learn the computers principle of ignoring some non directional information's, they will definitely be initiated into great problems and confusions that cannot be mended.

  55. Adesewa(the rumourer), you have heard na? You rumour has killed 2 people and others hospitalised in Jos after they consumed excess salt that increases their BP.Many Nigerians’re ignorant with high fear of death, so know d kind of jokes u put up on social media. See link:

  56. You should be jailed….. People lost their lives; Hypertensive people took salt and there were some reactions and they lost their lives.

  57. THISDAY: At least two persons have been feared killed and 20 others hospitalised in various hospitals in Plateau State after consuming excessive quantity of salt and bitter kola to prevent Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) attack.

    The two, according to a source in Shendam who spoke with our reporter on phone, were rushed to the hospital by their family members after they suddenly collapsed in the morning, having consumed too much of salt over night. They later died of high blood pressure in the hospitals.

    According to medical personnel in the hospitals where the other patients are currently taking treatment in Jos, some developed ulcer, while others stool profusely, having consumed the table salt in excess.

  58. 4 ur mind u don turn celebrity(@ adesewa). My mum hv to bath again after she is already prepared 4 wrk, nd influenced us to drink half a sachet of mr chef salt each with little salt. Apart 4rm dat, salt girl, u hv also claimed d life of 2 nigerians who in d chase of saving dae lives killed threselves by excess salt intak, nd 20 others hospitalised. Salt girl, u deserûve12 slashes of ebola cain. Mtheeew

  59. This is a question to all Nigerians, why have thou choose to fear and obey a prank than the words of the lord?, why have thou choose to fear and obey an ordinary man than supernatural man? Why has thou choose to obey cultists than my savants? Why has thou choose to obey blind and dump gods than the almighty God?, will thou consent to my worning in this manner?, what is thy reaction when thou hear worning from my savants?, will not nineveh rise and condemned this nation over there consent to my worning?. Says the spirit .

  60. next joke with something else..seriously that was so childish,do u knw how many peope u endangered cus of ur stupid pranks..well its all good..when next u want to play such pranks don’t post it on the social media

  61. Thanks God I do use my head and not anus to think and take decision,I’m not in the country at present so my wife have to call me around 3am to take permission before carrying out the ritual of drinking and bathing hot water salt but I asked her not to.I hope she took my advice.For those who were fool ,u are august fools.

  62. God will forgive you at least for being he first Nigerian nuisance to confess personal sin. The act is not common to Nigerians. God bless you. Your confession will make people to always probe internet statements before acting on the ill instructions therein. It is a big lesson to Nigerians. If it was April 1st joke, people would not take it as serious but this happened in the beginning of August. It is comoplete foolishness, misleading only the majority of the less previledged. You have made open confession. God has heared, believe you are forgiven. I forgive you, Adesewa.

  63. My heart was heavy when I was woken up by constant phone calls, SMS n social media charts on that midnight cos everyone in my neighborhood was awake n doing d salt drink n baths, it was a noisy night indeed,
    Even if your apology is accepted what about people who lost their lives already, those hospitalized, women who suffered miscarriage and those who are now battling to control their blood pressure.
    Nigerian Government let's see if the Author of this deadly evil will join d endless list of those who will be brought to BOOK or if any ACTION will be taken. JOKE MY FOOT.

  64. Nigerians!!!!!

    When God warns through His numerous servants, “REPENT from SIN. Do RIGHTEOUSNESS to save your SOUL”, most people will just be going on with their normal activities, unperturbed.

    Now, “Rub pepper into your eyes to save yourselves from Ebola”. Nobody will hesitate or stop to think.

    Ebola can only kill the body and can’t touch the soul. Sin condemns the soul in HELL FOREVER.

    If we all obey God this way,none of us will enter hell.

    I feel for the ignorant that lost their lives in the bid to save themselves from Ebola. Quite a pity! (God’s word said it. He that wants to save his life will lose it)

    Insure your life in God NOW!!!

  65. Girl but u f up for that kind joke ooh but since the deed has been done we no go kill ourselves cursin her. u no if she be mamiwater, or another tin Una dey here dey curse am. Abeg make una dey mercy.But I no go blame the girl, I go blame una wee bath am bcoz, ur natural sense no go tell you say In no good

  66. u should not play wit dat kind of problem u re very stupid to have done dat do u know hw many humans u hv killed both in open and in secret
    apology accepted but it wont change wat u hv done its only God dat can forgive u entirely.

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