Mother of one, actress Grace Amah, says being single does not make her a single mother. Grace, who has never revealed the father of her 3 year old son, says as long as she and her baby daddy are taking care of their son, she’s not a single parent. Grace made this statement in a recent interview with Yes! magazine.


“I hate when people refer to me as a single parent. That I am not married does not make me a single parent. The father of my son and myself are taking very good care of my son. So does that make me a single parent? No it doesn’t” she said


Grace also denied long standing rumours that she had her son for a married man, hence the secrecy, revealing that when she’s ready to get married, she will marry the father of her son.

“I’m not married yet. When I get married, obviously, its going to be the father of my son”

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