A massage therapist based in Lagos, has called out a married-customer who she claims sexually harassed her while on duty.

The young lady, identified as @Billionaire1_ on Twitter, disclosed that the man, named Adeneye Olawale Korede, contacted her to book her massage service on Monday, May 24, and they decided on a place and time for the session.

She said after she gave him the massage, it was too late for her to return home so she stayed back in the hotel till morning.

However, her nightmare began when the man started trying to forcefully have sex with her even after she turned him down.

The lady who said she felt embarrassed to call out the man online, shared a screenshot of the man’s Facebook profile and wrote,

“Yesterday someone called my number asking about massage and I said I only take bookings on Twitter because of the nature of the business, and the number he called was directly from my fashion business page. He insisted that there was no difference and later I booked a session for him. By then it was getting late in the night but he said he’s usually busy during the day and also he doesn’t live in Lagos so I had to go. After giving him the massage, he tried to have sex with me severally, because by the time it was too late to go back home. I told him NO.

Every single time he tried to touch my chest and he even tried to stick his raw penis inside me. I was very uncomfortable and scared and as at 4am In the morning I stood up to book a ride but he Kept ordering me back to bed. He’s been so controlling ever since I got there and Even told me the way I did the massage isn’t how they do it. Meanwhile he mentioned before sending deposit to book that he had options, but he wouldn’t stop calling. This creep has been following my Twitter and I didn’t even know him. He said he just wanted to try something diff.

I kept being patient and nice because I was literally at his mercy, in the middle of the night in an hotel. He started showing me my tweets where I said I don’t appreciate people calling the fashion hotline to book a massage as they’re different establishments respectively. I was trying to dress up and this man started tossing me around throwing me back on the bed, he even seized my phones and forced me to open them, he deleted my tweets and his phone numbers, text messages on the other phone.
Atp I was really afraid and was silently praying to God to take me out of this mess. He stood over me and was yanking my clothes off as I tried to dress up. Hung up severally on the driver who accepted my ride, canceled the trip and silenced my phone. He said he wished he could hurt me and he’s so upset because he can’t. Finally gave me my clothes and told me to dress up that he’s taking me home??? I was quiet because I don’t even know what to do atp. I finished up before him and slowly stepped out of the room, he stepped out too but I quickly ran down the stairs. This was around 5am this morning.

“Really????” That was what he kept saying as I ran down about 8 flights of stairs. He went back to the room and called the receptionist not to let me out. I explained the situation to her and she told me to go fast. This man was probably trying to kidnap me because why would you insist on taking me home? While he was going through my phones he called some people and asked if they were on their way. I really couldn’t figure out the situation and i was really scared. He threatened to smash my phone when I didn’t want to open it, he almost beat me up but I Was screaming and he said I was too stubborn, that I should just do what he says. That was how I ran to safety and booked another ride. I’ve not been myself all day and I kept looking back all through the ride, because I don’t know if he was following or something.

While he kept me hostage I told him to keep the balance( which was 70% of the payment) and let me go.
This man is married and I can’t start to imagine how he treats his wife. So much entitlement to women’s body and thinking you can control them. I’m putting this out here in case anything happens to me. I noticed someone unfollowed me and it was him, I clicked on the Facebook link on his profile and saw that picture of him and his wife. If I ever go missing please hold this man. Because I know he has other accounts and he’ll see this.

I’m very sure that nothing will happen and this man will continue being the beast that he is but as I said he’s responsible for whatever happens to me after this.

It’s embarrassing putting this out but he was from here and maybe I can prevent someone else by doing this.”

See her tweets below,

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