After Insinuating That she was Engaged, Beautiful Actress & TV Personality, Moet Abebe has finally Admitted she isn’t.

Speaking to Sunday Vanguard in an Interview conducted very recently, Moet said:

Are you in a relationship at the moment?

What’s your kind of man?
Hardworking. I don’t necessarily want to date anyone in the industry. I don’t judge people that do. But for me and the type of commitment I’m looking for, if I’m to get into a relationship, I’m intending to get married to the person.

So I need someone that’s really focused and fully committed. I’m not really about the physical appearance, I’m more concerned about what you’re bringing to the table as regards my future, children’s future and all.

Basically, I want someone who’s hardworking, has his head screwed up properly, who’s making his money and is basically responsible.

You don’t think you can find him in the industry?
I didn’t say I can’t, but I’m not looking in the industry.

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