YSG artist ‘Lil Kem’ talks about his mom and everything she has been doing for his career on a radio interview. Here are the words from Fast Rising artist saying ‘My Mother has always supported me in my music life. She is such a blessing to me. My Dad doesn’t support my music career cause he insists I must finished my University level first. My Mom always defends that.

Young Shall Grow entertainment came for me when they heard my single ‘Juju’ which the video is coming out in a couple of days. Luckily for me they met my mom who spoke to them and we had the deal signed.

She has been supporting me from the begining with money for studio sessions, photo shoots and videos before YSG came for me recently. Mothers are a blessing to us, respect them well.

I pray God takes them all to heaven. My mom has been so good and God will bless her.


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