Queen Okafor became popular when photos of her “Hairy Self” went viral on Nigerian Social Sphere.

Apparently, she claims both single and married men including lesbians and gay men are all over her claiming to be attracted to her.

Below are the new photos the very self confident lady released online;





More Photos:





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  1. I think that Nigerian bloggers are stalking this lady and some Nigerians are being rude to her for no good reasons at all. The body is hers and the hairs on her body are hers too, look away if you think that her hairy body is disgusting or irritating. She doesn’t have to live by your rules because you all don’t live by her rules, she has her own life to live.

  2. Na wa oh nothing wey we no go hear or see for this our time the way wey me take see this he or she human being be like say na trans-gender o wey dey claim say na woman she be hmmm make una reason well deep oh

  3. This could be a medical condition. Saw something similar of a child on a TV program. Maybe you should seek medical help. Am a fat woman and was a fat kid. I know the pains of being ” different “. God help you in Jesus name amen

  4. in d words of eminem ” U DONT KNOW HOW SICK U MAKE ME,U MAKE ME FUCKING SICK TO MY STOMACH NOW ANYTHING I THINK OF U I PUKE”….MEEEN DIS SHIT IS IRRITATING.haba my sister,razor blade can help if 1k shaving cream is too much for u.

  5. Y are some of u dnt just kW how to talk on social,d fact DAT she is hairy doesn’t mean she is dirty ,if is a man DAT keeps his hair like dis will u haters calls d man all sorts of names,haba weti na,she might b keeping neat ,thou d only tin I dnt like is d fact DAT she exposes her breast ad if it makes her feels good ,no shits mehh,pls let ur life,

  6. At Tyms People Speak As If They Dnt Av Concience, Imagine Wat Responsible People Are Saying ‘she Is Dirty’ Even A Girl Is Saying that Also Hmmmmm…….. Am Speechless. The Fact Is Dat GOD CREATED HER, N WAT GOD HAS CREATED, U AV NO RIGHT TO ABUSE. So I Think Wen Next We Are Commenting On Any Post We Shuld Tink B4 Commenting,thanks.

  7. Everything God created is beautifully and wonderfully made, let’s not condemn what God created, saying she’s disgusting is like telling God His creation is disgusting. The only thing I will advise on is that she should stop exposing her body.

  8. I have read alot of comments from men who are pretending to find the hairy woman normal. If these men are asked to sleep with her, they would deny her like Peter denied Jesus and run away and not look back.

  9. Is it bicos God created her she should not take care of herself. Even hairy men shave every day to look neat and tidy.
    They don’t expose their private part to show the world and that they are hairy even if they dnt shave daily.

  10. Wetin be this???
    Can you just let her be….mtcheeew
    #trashy by the way
    She is beautiful the way God made her….oooohyesh
    But don’t use your kind blessing to disturb others……wharisdis???…..

  11. Does she need to open her bare breasts every day to whole world before she can be happy for the way God created her?
    She should open her down side too, I think she has a man’s….., u know~

  12. Omo, if the face nd chest could be dis hairy ,How will the under look,well the girl has broken the Guinness book of record as the hairiest girl in Nigeria, history has been made,u can now shave a little bit ok

  13. Jessica, we all know showing boobs is kind of way to far, but when advising your fellow lady u don’t say disgusting. The hair on her chest may be an attraction to other men don’t u know? Not me though, if she could have bn ur sis I know u won’t call the hair she is blessed with not from anyone but from God disgusting. If a lady shows of her boobs with a lovely dress u will say wow sexy. I know ur friends do dress like that, if u don’t. Well let me tell u people this u will all come to think in common sense to dress as we Muslims with modesty just as mother Mary is shown in all churches. If this hairy gal could have dressed just like mother Mary which is the way Muslims dressed no one will insult her. The truth shall set u free.

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