As I sit by my partner in crime here, @1_mad_man and reminisce on what music used to be, I put pen to paper and give y’all my observations in this open letter that has no repercussions like an angry kid could scream on anyone at a family meeting…..

A couple of drinks already gulped down and a joint in ma left hand, I’d obviously be saying the blunt truth today without fear or favour.. Won’t be saying any names, so u can like to figure out by ur self if u feel it concerns you…

Would really like to start with those ladies that came from nollywood and decided to peep into the naija music scene, some came, saw and left, others came, saw and were crushed, but I think you gotta come, see and conquer. In a frantic bid to do that, this lady wouldn’t wanna go back to face her original calling, didn’t like her person and this new music that she just dropped isn’t helping anyway, but I like her for the way she carries herself and the publicity she handles.

Aunty, music isn’t ur calling, listen to “don’t gimme sh*t” some rapper left a message for you, he said “stick to acting” you done urself a whole lot of good there, don’t spoil it for ur favourite past time that’s unpleasant to us. A friend once said if u think u a musician, his generator is considered the greatest vocalist of all time.. All those fake m0-anings and all u do in the movies and the soft p**rn or semi n***de parts u act, we can all live with that, what u been singing since 2012 hasn’t changed much or developed like Mikel Obi’s shyness in front of goal, so let this be a good year..

Who would I be to write this letter without talking to the lady most h**rny naija boys can draw her body in full with their eyes closed, I didn’t say any name niq**qur in *DMX’s voice* pls let that be noted… Haba sister why na, who is ur role model and what example do you think you giving Nigerian ladies in this end time wey we nor know when Jesus wan take come, what if he comes and meet you twerking on the 3rd mainland bridge, because I heard you can do it anywhere and your legs spread faster than the network news, pls hold ur t**ts. As it is now, my company wanted to pay you real big to go T****pless, but WTF??? Who hasn’t seen this aunty n**ked! She said she’s even comfortable in being n***ked, o ma ga ohh! Like 2wks back, she threw us a question, witty one baby, very witty, but no child would respect his/her mother that is a prostitute, there might be love, but respect I don’t think dear, we’ve not even talked about your music, what genre are you really into? Make it clear, is it Rnb/rap or rap/shout/akpala/advert4p**rno? Let’s knw what you into, and this is what you called omo to shan? 😮 pls listen to 2face’s own or Olamide’s own that time he wasn’t even dis bad, you’ll knw how to title an omo to shan song, go back to God baby, I remember I heard you on radio continental years back, in an interview, you were nice then, pls go back to the gospel music and when you pray, pls remember to pray for all this boys you have confused in naija, one compared you to beyonce on my TL, he was lucky, am still saving for a gun, you should be compared to errrrrm, let’s not insult miley again, you on ur own level, in a serious weyrey zone… Be good

And We’ve missed this lady, still not calling names oh! But we didn’t hear anything from her all through 2013, only saw her b**kini shot recently, plus those your small small cherry seeds, calm down sist and do something this year, but I don’t wanna see some flappy bo***obs anymore, that last one spoilt my phone screen.

All in all, bottom line is that there are some music divas in naija you can like to be like y’all, like Tiwa my happily married crush :D, there’s, Emma Nyra, Yemi Alade, Chidinma, thank God it wasn’t you in that video!

That would have been a shocker, then there’s Eva, the queen Sasha, Niyola toh badt! And many more. We can’t talk about naija music Divas without Mentioning our sister, Skales, bro am sorry but ur s3xuality is in doubt, how market na? So you went from the cool side to those agberos that shout UKWU! On the roadside, LWKMD, I wish you goodluck bro, but I think you’d have done better with MayD or Durella, or even with Jesse jagz, u really need to smoke with that niqqur and open up ur mind to what you really want, or maybe you should serve 1st and decide ur future… Pls choose singing, you weren’t doing rap bro…. One love. Bless!

Compliments from @Onorable1


  1. Lmfao, dis dude is crazy, hilarious, I knw d first is aunti poko, den aunty maheeda, I still can’t place d third person. Ani ideas?

  2. LMAOOOOO! Tonto, Maheeda & Mo’cheda, dis is jst d begining. But Skales Why? Are u such ‘STRAIGHT’ ?? Why u pack ur load go live wit Timaya naah? U wan make he dey dig hole on you? Oh sorry ok! LOOOOL

  3. Full of trash and bomb, last 2weeks back? Why not go learn ur english ryt first b4 criticizing odaz? Ode oshl. O wonder whts funi here nw

  4. NiceOne @kclub,full of trashy stuff jawwe. If you are lookin for fame look 4it in a right way and manner. Stay outta oda pips business #peace. hidp

  5. Nice one brah!!! Kclub dey para bcos he dey among d pple wey dun send maheeda friend request since nd if he shld critizise d *itch she myt not accept his request…

  6. If nobody talk about someone it means the person is nothing,, talk trash for those who are making an effort. With your underestimated blunder while nobody knows whom you are…. Stop criticizes and struggle on you own or do wan’ use those hustler to make your own money!!!! Keep shut jooor


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