Open Letter to Nigerians – Please Stop disrespecting your First Lady

In the last one week the craze in the net is quite disgusting, with many attacking the first lady with malicious intent and purposes.

Now am here to defend her as my Mother and by virtue the mother of all Nigerians in this dispensation, She called a security meeting to contribute her own quota to finding lasting peace that is gradually evading us Nigerians as a nation, I do know she has no right to summon theHead of the various military agencies, but she did had a security meeting…which those concerned ought to attend which they failed to attend for some political reasons.

And you know Mama Peace is not a pretender, she says things the way she feels it, if you like lie about stuffs to cover for her, when ever she grabs the mantle she have this penchant of contradicting lies told to the general public, but what disgust me is the way many prominent Nigerians has castigated her in the last few days… starting with the Prof. Wole Soyinka to the last man out there who thinks they are well versed over the usage of English.

The way folks undermined her prompted me to challenge and defend her because of the simple truth which is we all have mothers and no one would fold his hands and allow their mothers disrespected the way we have done lately.

Way back in school the brightest student in our class have this same problem with ‘Spoken English’, the way he abuse the language

with mother tongue interference will make one believe he is an Illiterate but he isnt, when you try him in other sphere you will be amazed that he is a genuis in obscurity.

Let’s not forget the language we speak is borrowed and nobody can claim ownership including the originators of the language, over the years many countries are adopting their own pattern of English, in years to come maybe we might jus have our own peculiar unique Nigerian

English, so before we start abusing the First Lady over some western Pedagogical concept, let us pause for a while and criticize with good intentions not this malicious wickedness that has been trending online lately.



  1. I agree wit u. Its no longer funny. Some pple laffing have stack illiterates as parents. They can’t even pray in english, and wen dey try to its a disaster. Let’s stop being hypocritical and take sum tins serious

  2. Mr valentine pls shut up and go and sleep. If she can’t represent properly in public she she avoid it guy.did any body pay u 4 dis ur rubbish? Nonsense

  3. I swear i havnt been disrespecting her cos if i do, #America will know.

    As for those of you abusing her, Chai chai, there is God o.

  4. Pls,let mama peace be. Any one disturbed about her speech should go and die .she is still the first lady english or no english and there is nothing you can do about it after all,nobody is perfect.

  5. Whose first lady?she is an embarrasment to this country.she doesnt know her place atall! If she truely wants to be a mother what she shud av done is be with the parents of those girls especially the mothers instead of summoning security heads and making a big fool of herself.

  6. Valentine well done for coming out to write such a nice and educative piece. English is not our mother tongue, but some idiots don't know that, they keep calling their first lady names. Most English friends I have don't know how to speak English language. Take the Asians and Chinese for example, most of them cannot speak English language correctly, and they don't care because they've accepted that English is not their first language and they are happy and comfortable with it. Only in Nigeria where you come across illiterates calling their first lady out because her English is not always correct.

  7. As Africans we must stop undermining ourselves because we can or can not speak fluently in these foreign languages we have our own culture and languages that we must learn to be proud of why castigate someone because they can't speak in a foreign language try speak to the nigeria's first lady in her native language and i'm sure you can not beat her in it so we must stop this stupid notion that mastering foreign languages is stardom how many times have you heard Russians speak in English or Germans or Chinese, japanese etc etc the list is long???????

  8. Val u re rite, seriously Nigerians have mad. Even the so called mothers out dere are just busy vomiting rubbish. If we make them them the first lady they will still disappoint us. So why dnr we go on our knees and ask for protection over our children’s safety. Instead of saying rubbish here

  9. Val abi wat are called? U just said rubbish a whole moda of d nation! Na by force 2 talk ni? If you express ur self I advice she keep shut or go nd pick beans not disgracing d nation.

  10. Let’s not get it twisted, the spoken english is not exactly the problem here, she has nothing sensible to say most of the time, why bother? She needs to get her priorities right period!

  11. Firstly, nepotism and parochialism (sentimentals) should not be a purpose for this open letter. Mother or no mother, don’t make comparisons. We have mothers that care that is why we can talk. According to the father of one of the kidnapped girls interviewed by the CNN, nothing was done untill after 11days of report!! More than 200 girls…..

    She is not the mother of all. There are no such things as mother of all.
    Secondly, you said she called a security. As who? Does the office of the first lady exist in the constitution? If not for the corrupt hegemonic structure from which the nigeria populace has suffered cardinal mischiefs she has no right to call a security meeting. Those that did not go knew it was not constitutional and they could be questioned for it or blackmailed. This is politics, nigerian politics.

    In your first paragraph, I guess you meant “she did have” or “she had”.

    About prof. Wole soyinka, don’t criticize anyone if you do not have a valid argument to tender. I don’t think you recognise the global stigma on a nigerian because of her actions words and composition. The video, “there is God oooo”, did you watch it? Where is the composition? Apparently shows some dispositions where the nexus of her actions did not show or depict that she is the first lady of a nation like nigeria where we have intellectuals.

    I guess in your ending paragraphs you intend to use, “she” not “he”.

    Finally, if its about the language? She would have gained more respect in the if she had spoken in an indiginous language. Don’t say what you aint certain of….. I would borrow a word from prof. Wole soyinka’s interview by christiane amanpour on cnn, “FALSE PRIDE”.

    So please, in case of next time don’t write open letters out of emotions, “argumentum ad miscericordiam” is what you have just committed. A fallacy. Don’t think its only ordinary people or those who might have laccadaisical attitude towards the national identity that would read it.
    Even the bible says we should do everything in order. GEJ, THE FIRST LADY AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has clearly done things outside the concept of “orderliness”.
    (1 corinthians 14:40). And thus has cost nigeria negativly. And becaise of this a motion for impeachment could be made, see the 1999 constitution, chapter 2, section 14, sub-section 2b. You would understand what I am saying. I am not a law student neither am I a student of political science. I am a student of international relations by the grace of God.
    Have a blessed night. Much love.

  12. That woman na mother n as long as she get pikin your age, she be your mother………all the lafter una dey laf am many of una mama no fit talk like that woman nor them fix express like am. All of una were claim gramma lords here, make the woman rest joor. After all english no be our mother tongue.
    Weda international, law, political, linguistic, WATEVA! Make mind una own afterall many una mama no fit turn tongue

  13. this show only one thing,if they can abuse the first lady that is to say they dont have good home training and they insult their parents at home too.any body with good home training will not insult somebody old enough to be his or her parents.remember what ever a man sows he shall reap same….

  14. The first Lady is also mis -representing Nigerian women. Her educational certificate should be querried. How on earth can Nunber one woman in NIgeria could not differentiate shedding to sharring, Principal to "PRISPA" NA ONLY YOU WAKA COME" this is an international disgrace. It would have been better for her to come on screen and shed tears than for her to open her mouth and disgrace her husband and the entire Nigerian women. She has been in that position longer for her to be grammatically polished. I use to defend her before until I watched her on Channels TV I was ashamed.

  15. If i am 2 say anything,de bible say’s gv honour 2 whom honour is due,hw many of us cn do well is we ar bin gven de opportunity 2 rule? We ar all human n future mothers of 2moro,b4 u pinch sum one 1st of all pinch urself n see hw it pains.dis is criticizm n criticizm is out of bible says we shld pray 4 our rulers,despite de corruption in de government sector,we ought nt 2 cease in prayers asking God 4 a change just as in de day of israelites rather dan procastination.No humanbeing is perfect! Lets live de sleeping dog lie.Nigeria lets watch our tongue,de tongue is de smallest organ dat cn set de whole nation ablaze.lets respect dos who ar higher dan us,lets respect our leaders bcos u or i might b in dat position 2moro.who cn predict de future? Who cn says wats on de mind of God? Lets nt 4get one tin dat wat eva we sow,dat we wil definitly reap.Nigerians lets pray 2 God 4 peace n pray dat we wil neva b victims of evil circumstances rather dan criticizm

  16. Shut your mouth up and until your own mother is able to speak the queens English you have no right whatsoever to talk the first lady down. Read Kahuthu's post below and gain some wisdom from there or you can look above for my post and READ them!!

  17. Insulting each other is not the best. We should be objective and face facts. English is not our mothers tongue, i would have prefared our first lady to speak in her native tongue and then get herself an interpreter. Nobody can force her to speak English, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Its not compulsory for her to speak english, she should not have put herself in that tight conner. Nobody voted her as first lady, she is not there because of her qualification

  18. Uhnnnn!!!!u should have said she shouldn’t talk in order 2 express her feelings 2 d public 2 show how concerns she is abi?

  19. See u guys should liv sentiments here,let’s face d truth there ar other things d first lady could av done without culln dat meeting,she knws she can’t speak fluently let a teacher b employed to take her lessons.for heavens sake don’t u knw the first lady should b an xample to all female citizens let her encourage adult education by goin back to skul to learn sm basic things Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω to speak in public & wat government is all about.don’t u c oda nations their first ladies speak well nt wat our honourable firstlady speaks.let her face wat concerns her.#gbam#

  20. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm
    God dey oooooooooooooo
    Gud or bad she is still d 1st lady
    If u cums to ur house now am 100% sure u will be happy infact u wear d best cloth.
    So give her d respect she deserve
    U guys don’t 4get u ve parent @ home dat can speak gud english oooooooo

  21. “Elohor Fidora Apink’s · Top Commenter
    Valentine well done for coming out to write such a nice and educative piece. English is not our mother tongue, but some idiots don’t know that, they keep calling their first lady names. Most English friends I have don’t know how to speak English language. Take the Asians and Chinese for example, most of them cannot speak English language correctly, and they don’t care because they’ve accepted that English is not their first language and they are happy and comfortable with it. Only in Nigeria where you come across illiterates calling their first lady out because her English is not always correct.”

    This comment that you have made is incredibly flawed. first in the respect that you seem not to understand that this piece is a satire, completely sarcastic in the way that the entire piece is grammatically incorrect. (or at least I hope that it is a satire :S :/ ) Asians were not colonised by the British and the first language of any Asian country is not recognised to be English as is the case in Nigeria. Having said that if any Asian is in an English speaking country and cannot speak the language correctly, they do care!! and try to improve themselves. Enough of this comparison. No matter the situation every member of every society should always strive to better themselves and if our first lady isn’t seen to be doing so then it is a shame for herself, her husband and the country. she needs to learn how to speak English properly FULLSTOP.

  22. Who ever dat has used my wall 2 ryt dis I don't know U bt God dos, @ Elohor or whatever, U kan fynd out about me am a very peaceful and loving lady I don't know anything about dis "U ARE MAD" so pls next tym U enquire well b4 kalin me names. Am a mother and as such I kant laf @sum1 who is old enough to be kaled my mother. English is not our language 4 God sake

  23. Abeg go park well,if you’re looking for recognition by the first lady OYO is ur case and remember daris God ooo so #park well

  24. Ok everyone is correct cos we all hv rite ova our opinions, buh d truth is d way we insult our first lady is nt gud,sum pple re just soundin like if she can speak correct english boko will release d gals,pls let’s all come togeda to pray dat d missin glas re found witout any scratch on dere body.I tink dat shuld b our number one problem nt our lady,s spoken english.

  25. As a wife,the emotions and pressure I feel when my husband is stressed is undeniable.The first lady has every right to support the president “husband” by expressing herself.she wept bitterly and those tears touched me.Who are we to judge her? Proverbs 13:3 Those who are careful about what they say protect their lives,but whoever speaks without thinking will be ruined.For those people dissappointed,have you improved the situation by careless words that stab like sword or wise words that bring healing? We should be praying not looking for mistakes.You must be perfect before u judge anyone” only God is perfect” so who are we to judge our leaders? Should we not pray for good leadership instead? Psalms 20:1-9 is a prayer for the king. My favorite verse 4&5 states “May he give you what u want and make all ur plans succeed,and we will shout for joy when you succeed, and we will raise a flag in the name of our God.May the Lord give you all that you ask for.”Prayers oo” Dats all we need do to raise the Nigerian flag up so high please.

  26. U r comparin her wit oda mothers, who probably do nt av d same opportunity the first lady has to get speak a beta english? Dis woman was GEJ wife wen he was d deputy gov of bayelsa state, she was is wife wen he was d governor, his wife wen he was v.president, n now dat he is d president, she stil hasn’t perfected her English? Am sure any woman wld av polished their english if dey were to b in her shoes.

  27. Oluwatoyin Oyetoro you a very big FOOL can ur old dirty poor mother speak like our FIRST LADY?u better close ur slutty mouth animal

  28. Elohor Fidora Apink's plz pay no mind to dis INTERNET BITCH AS IF HER DUMB MOTHER CAN SPEAK COME NAT TO TALK OF GO

  29. Does her bad english stop u from seeing d anguish n pain of a mother,or does her mistake affect the truth in wat she said? It is not funny.

  30. Bullshit!Nobody is saying English is a must know buh d point is for some one of ha status it is a must known,she is representing d whole Nigeria!Tz disgusting for d First lady ov Nigeria 2 b dt worse in English!She could ve at least find someone to write ha speeches!Haba tz a woeful thing

  31. @Ajeni @VALENTINE has a point….Dat she can't speak English is nt enough reason for the numerous media hype…If Igbo or Yoruba was an international language and Obama couldn't speak it…will it generate dis much hype??? Hope u get ma point #ThereIsGod o #PatienceIsATrueMother coz she truly cares for the missing girls and showed true emotions for their misfortunes more dan anyone could #Live #BeforeTheCameras #That is a #TrueMother

  32. God forbid she’s not my mother and can never be. We would laugh o! Until she goes back to join adult education to improve herself. We won’t stop laughing! Nonsense!!!

  33. Oni Thomas u as well need to polish your written English before u start disrespecting your Mother (the first Lady)……"She need to polish her…."(check your comment) i beg to be corrected regardless….Lol

  34. Why on Earth would u not to mention names but u know yourselves start criticizing your First lady just because of a Grammatical Error she made…..listen and take the message that she was trying to put across than blaming her for just a minor mistake, In Uganda our Ex President Idi Amin Daada (REST IN PEACE) had the worst English but he"s the reason am Proud of my Country today because of the tremendous work he did for our Country but not the poor English he spoke…..English is not our Language, we are AFRICANS and we have our Mother tongues that we should be proud of, i Repeat ALL YOU NIGERIANS CRITICIZING HER EXCELLENCY SHOULD KNOW THAT YOU ARE BLACK AFRICANS 211……Let the WHITES complain about the Misuse of their language and NOT YOU!


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