1395225_705620439450973_1300006986_nDo You Think That Phyno Is The Best Rapper In Nigeria?

Listening to Man of the Year (Obago) reminds of TuPac. I think he’s the most talented rapper in Nigeria. The way he combines swagg and street cred is a beauty to behold. If you ask me, I’ll place him above the likes of MI, Olamide and Ice Prince (who can’t even freestyle) and gladly declare him the best rapper in Nigeria.

Whats your Say? #NOBEEF

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    • he’s the best rapper in rivers state onelga local government nigeria, he rap with ryhmz and he needs a helper to sponsor him….if you which to help him, call him on this number: 08067087653

  1. Phyno is d god of d game and his kingdom has come. He is d best. Lyrics , swag, speed , combination. He’s got everything. Team IBM#

  2. U guys lov trouble y dis kind of question phyno is Good in the Game, don’t compare him wit anybody . Abeg no give my ibo brother enemy

  3. Hahaha..all diz bloggerz self, why u go dey talk say phyno na best Rapper..if na for Igbo side #accepted!..buh for Naija! If I hear!!!!…na where u put Mode-9,vector..abeg wrap diz up jor!

  4. Definately to me, he is the best rapper so far Naija has produced,weather or not he raps in igbo is no issue here.he who d cap fit,should wear it.

  5. Apart from d tracks, man of d year & parcel, listen to his verse in surulere rmx by dr sid & don jazzy. Phyno is good, if u understand ibo language u’ll know wot am talkin about, peace……..

  6. ….Phyno d best?….u stupid infidel……sayn rubbish….mtschew!….Phyno wudnt caLl himself d best rapper in Nigeria…u prick b puTtn him in d spotlight….assholes

  7. See dummies be comparin olamide, vector n co wiv phyno, who’z he bsyd dem… He can be gud @rappin in ibo buh can neva b d best rapper nd tho hez got a vewi gewd fashion senz nd dahz wah i love bouh him! Buh neva say hez d best rapper #hope ya’ll knw rappin z about d flow n lyrics #NOBEEF tho

  8. Who posted dis…….!!!! Have u seen phyno freestyle before?
    If he can let em go for a rap battle with MODENINE make em see wetin dem dae call rap….list of first 3 naija rapper 1.modenine
    2.Mi(mr incredible)

    Dis three quys mentioned above roll on any beat…##madly#….nd their rapz qoes with punch linez,and rhymes

    Stop doing favouritism here igbo’s….stop saying he is the best rapper….am igbo too but wen I see d truth I say it##

    So forqet dis fucking post….

  9. Nigerians neva stop to amaze me.. Seriously phyno a rapper my foot… D problem ere ix dat most people don’t know wat wrap is.. Including d award organizer… Wen u list wrapper wif content,lyricsz nd punchlinesz dey are d likesz of jessejagsz,youngsix,modenine,terry d rapman, phenom,Eva,M.I,pherocious,Muna. Dis are rapper whu can freestyle fluently in d language 3ru wif wat isz rapp music was invented

  10. For where, the guy is Good no dout abt dat but is not near to the best @all
    For dis naija weey my guy1 ice_prince dey
    2 reminisce
    3 modenine
    4 MI

  11. I dnt understand wat he sings at all bt believe me diz dude is revolution of Nigerian rap music n I swear he is definitely d best. …..take it or leave it……..obago

  12. @playitstylejeff…….person d sing only 1 track kom karri best rapper?anyway diz bloggers jst d luk 4 comment

  13. For God sake y all dis drags common guys go n listen anam achi ft runtown meeeehn u will knw dis guy is d gr8est man of d year indid

  14. For God sake y all dis drags common guys go n listen anam achi ft runtown meeeehn u will knw dis guy is d gr8est man of d year indid (obago)

  15. Phyno is the revolution of rap in Nigeria and africa no wonder he came with the concept “man of the year”Obago and u can not take him out anymore.Encouage our talents indeed of criticisms bcos we ought to move further!Onye nkuzi ndi nkuzi.He is good kpokwem!

  16. Now phyno is finally here, just want u haterz 2 say hello 2 d man of d year………..OBAGO…………….he is d best 4 me buh 4 naija,we a on our way 2 grammy…….. Eastcoast nigga now banging in d west,south n north…………. In no distant time, he will be d best

  17. Ehww..he is d wrst,he z so local nd his punch lines are wack.I’ll b forcd to ask u if u knw d characteristics of a good rapper.U rili cnt say Phyno except ur dne wt Ice prince,M.I,and even my poor Olamide shud b called b4 hm

  18. plz, plz, plz. D phyno in question is not only a rapper, buh an etertainer in general. If de tag him “best rapper” he worth it, wen olamide first came out, lagosians b lyk, “wooow! Ola u ar d best”. Tho every one is entitled 2 his/her opinion, buh plz if we talkin bout 21century rap, dnt count vector, aq n d worst of dem all “mode9” common, diz is “new school tinx” . Hope u ar convinced n not confused dat “Phyno” is not only d best rap artist in nigeria, buh most upgraded n updated rapper in nigeria. Nobody is d best 4 ever, buh 4 now, he is. Wink

  19. D guy is gud bt certainly nt d best or hv u forgotten abt mode 9 and MI? they’ve got d lyrics and gud command of english. Anybody dat wants 2 rap should use english nt dialect. I raise my case

  20. u guys are just sufferin ur selfz on d issue..dr’v listed d best rapper in nija already..1)mi(2)mode9(3) olamide ask google.dis is not my own sayin or mind ooooo,it’s from google

  21. I think he is a creative rapper cuz its hard to come up with lyrics in a particular language and sell it. Its unique and that is what sells diz days. MI, Mode nine and so on they are good even the best but I think Nigerians are bored and want something out of the blue which phyno has brought to the table. Nigerians don’t want the best, they don’t want good. They want unique.

  22. Another bad rapper has risen from jos,whos worden are very scaring his name is Tkas his also an Igbo rapper.dropping out Ewartago,ft 6string,shema and slash pee

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