Nigerian Ace Comedian, Ali Baba in an interview with Hip TV spoke on the recent kidnappings, bombings, education, religion and the First Lady Patience Jonathan.

While emphasising the need for education, he made reference to the First Lady who has been a victim of consistent public jest owing to her alleged grammatical mis-constructions and errors.

He said “the education of the girl child is very important because if Patience Jonathan were educated, we will not have the problem that people think we have with her not being able to speak English.

Having a primary and secondary education helps a child to develop (into) whatever the child wants to become later. It is obvious that Patience (Jonathan) did not get any of the above, or did not get it properly.”

Ali Baba pointed out that education of the girl child beyond the primary and secondary school levels was important and should be seen as priority as it would go a long way in sustaining growth and development in the nation as a whole.


  1. She might nt be educated,bt God has made her the ist lady oF this country,she has even achieved more than the so called educated,Free her joor…who God has blessed no Man can cause


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