Turns out a lot more parents are letting their kids become transgender at such a young age. Superstar singer RO Kelly used to be married to VH1′s “Hollywood Exes” actress Andrea Kelly and together they have 3 kids – Robert Kelly Jr., Joann Kelly, and Jaya Kelly.

jay kelly transguy01

Well, their youngest daughter Jaya Kelly who is about fourteen has decided that she would rather be a boy than girl.

jay kelly transguy02

jay kelly transguy013

jay kelly transguy014

jay kelly transguy015

jay kelly transguy016

jay kelly transguy018

jay kelly transguy0167

jay kelly transguy0180

jay kelly transguy0189

Jaya Kelly now goes by the name Jay Kelly and proudly labels himself a Transguy or FTM Transgender. FTM transgender stands for Female To Male transgender, a transguy is a biological girl who is transitioning into life as a boy.


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