Relationships are based on trust and if you have been tempted to snoop on your partner for whatever reason, it indicates that you don’t trust him completely.
If you have a reason to doubt your partner, then there’s something seriously wrong and needs to be resolved at the earliest.

Why should you avoid checking your partner’s phone?
It’s a breach of trust: Instead of making things worse by snooping on your partner and secretly going through his phone, it’s best to eliminate all doubts by talking to him about your concerns.

A niggling doubt will only give rise to more suspicions:
If you choose to ignore your doubts, they will eat you up from the inside and will influence every decision you make, which will be detrimental to your relationship in the long run.

What you see is not always true: 
Texts and emoticons can be interpreted in different ways. Sometimes, being quick to assume things without checking the facts can destroy a good relationship.

If you feel you have to keep an eye on him, you are Dealing with major issues: 
Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and if you don’t have that, it’s a sign that there is something seriously wrong. While no one is asking you to blindly believe whatever is being told to you, if there is even the slightest room for doubt, you should be asking yourself why. Also, think seriously about whether you should continue with the relationship or not.


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  1. Women cheat d most a girl can neva stay wit one guy 4 a year without cheatin coz women in africa always depend on there partners 4 financal need’s so there needs wich ar varies cannot b given 4rom one man dey look sum1 else

  2. See the fact is,the person tht wrote this must be a man and a cheat,with this you hav wrote you are indirectly telling the people to cheat,but because they never wanted a problem they should avoild searching their love once phone,the best thing to do is to be open to your love one and avoild any thing that would leed to girl do cry that I don’t trust her,of all th trust she preaches to me,I still cut her cheating,and though I do cheat her too,the piont am trying to make is this,let’s not be unpoor and allow some one to see us as poor,if u knw u are poor and that you don’t have any thing hiding,once you are marraid both of u are one,be free with your phone,I see nothing that would cause a problem.let me give you this story.A man was having problem wit her wife why did she pick his call,that if she wants to pursue his client,and later she got to find out that the husband was going out with the lady for she to do busines with the man,must you cheat on your wife for you to put food on her table,since the man is marraid,he shoud have told the lady tht he is marraid.pleas let’s avoid insincererity this is the only cure to trust.if u are poor,person that is looking for mesages in your phone and he or she didn’t see anything,the person will as well rest.

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