Nollywood top actress Tonto Dikeh said she is confused about why Christmas (Jesus Buffday) is celebrated on December 25. According to her, from Genesis to Revelation, there is no place it was written that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th, so why December 25th? Tonto, popularly called Poko is so confused that she is throwing the discussion open.

She stated:

“Today Discussion-: Palz I’m kinda confused!! Why iz it Christmas (Jesus buffday) iz been celebrated on December 25th? Cuz frm d book of Genesis to Revelation derz no place it waz written Jesus Christ waz born December 25th, so why December 25th? #Easy Lion Easy Tiger #Poko# DisLIfeNonBostoneNaBeans1Day EgoSoft#

So, what do you think, was Jesus Christ actually born on December 25th? Help Tonto Dikeh if you have any idea…

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  1. So Tonto yes jesus wasn’t born on the 25th it was a day dat an idol was been celebrated in the days of old but when the pilate was converted to a christian he declared that the day should now be used 2 celebrate jesus who saved him. Do you get now you should go for foundation class in church it’ll help you know

  2. Tontolet even knw jesus?if she does,does she serve him?jesus christ’s birthday been celebrated december 25,how does it concern her.aby she wan giv jesus igbo smoke. Mtchew..

  3. What’s wrong in asking questions? Nigerians and una drama sef! Tonto is a human. She has the right to ask questions, and for me, I do not see any foolisheness is her question. December 25th is a date in which the Old Roman empire celebrate a god (idol). Its totally wrong for christiandom to choose that same day for the celebration of Jesus’s birth. Tonto, u r right my dear, Jesus never even celebrated his own birthday. The only thing he ask his fellowers to commomorate was is death and never did he ask them to celebrate his birthday, let alone choosing a pegan date for that. The first century christians never celebrated Jeus’s birthday. Peter and all of the other apostles never did. Tonto good question jare, no mind them.

  4. Jeez! Must she be insulted bcos she asked a question? Pls if yu dnt hav an ansa to her question yu culd just move over to d next post. Shikenah!

  5. Haba!!b why are u people insulting her ….she asked a good question cos must ple don’t even knw when christ is bornm$25th dec is a day the Egyptian celebrate god of the Sun….some ple claim that JESUS was born in October.

  6. Helloooooo! Why raining insults on her nau? Na crime make person dey confused abt smthin?,she jez asked a question,if u av an ansa, give ,n if not ignore. Plz stop hating on ha jooor!

  7. God is watching……..! The devil has taken hold of so many humans…….! There are stupid and sinful question that should not be asked…..! We will continue celebrating the birth of Christ 25th Dec.

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