March 10th 2015, Our Social Media Accounts and Website were hijacked and compromised.

Your Favourite Website: was hacked, Our BBM and BBM Channel was also hijacked, same goes to Our Official Email Address(es).

We tried our possible best to Get the website up and running again, Our Emails Have been fixed and working well, except for our BBM and BBM Channel.

The hacker is impersonating Daniel From with his Private Blackberry ID, The Hacker also changed our BBM Channel to another name Entirely with lots of nonsense posted there.

Please whatever message you get from anyone with the BBM name ‘Daniel’ is NOT From Him, whatever posts you see on our BBM Channel: C004C0897 are not from us, and we advise you to leave the channel at least for now pending the time we get it back.

We’ll make an Official Announcement when our BBM Channel is back up and running again or when we open a new one

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.




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