Many questions have continued to trail the sudden absence of popular comedian, Basketmouth at the just concluded AY Easter show recently after he was spotted casually at the event.

In a Chat with Punch, Basketmouth gave the excuse of not being part of those invited for the show explaining that he only came around the venue by chance as he was schedule to perform at another show that same day.

“I was not booked to appear at AY’s show. My name was not publicised as part of the people to be at the show. It is not about comedians being united; AY did his show and never mentioned that Basketmouth would perform, so why would people expect me to be there? It doesn’t make sense.”

“It was just a coincidence that I was at the venue of the show while it was ongoing. I could not even be a guest at AY’s show because I had another gig on that day I was rushing off to,” he added.



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