Contrary to the reports that Wizkid gave a fan his wristwatch while performing at the rythm unplugged, The Guy (Picture below) who received it claimed Wizkid didn’t give him any wristwatch but his sun-glasses covered with gold.


Below is what sheedy has to say:

Good day everyone,I have been receiving diff pings,tweets n calls that wizkid gave me his wrist watch worth 1.5M,its on every blog ,I’m here to tell you all the truth.

Yes it true that wizkid gave me something but it isn’t a wrist watch,it was a sun glasses,dou not that I’m been ungrateful here cos the stones on the eyes glasses is pure gold but the way bloggers are writing that he gave me a pure golden wrist watch valued at 1.5Million is what is getting me pissed off and the most annoying thing is that my friends have labelled me a liar that wizkid gave me a wrist watch,I sold it and I’m telling people it was a sun glasses and not only that,my pictures are all over the net without me giving any of them authorization to use my pics.

I’m summary,pls discard any informing saying that wizkid gave his fan his wrist watch valued 1.5million.
You can read more concerning the whole event on my twitter handle @sheedy407

Pictures of the sunglasses he claimed wizkid gave him..


To Prove I am the guy wizkid handed the wristwatch sunglasses to. .see a picture of me with the same attire above


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