A Nigerian man has taken to social media to laud his wife, who he claims never asked him for money all through their almost 9 years of dating.

According to him, he and his wife dated for almost 9 years, and he doesn’t recall a time she ever asked him for money to buy airtime, do her hair, or buy a new dress.

He shared his story while advising young people to not get involved with money in their relationships as it breeds an entitlement mentality among people dating.

”All through the almost 9 years I dated my wife, I cannot recall her asking me for money for anything for one day. It was basically us just doing stuff together with our money. Right from university days until we graduated. She didn’t call me one day to ask for money for phone Recharge card or hair or dress. We had occasional exchange of gifts and that’s that.

“Do not see me as tweeting from a privilege position. Our parents weren’t wealthy but they took care of our needs. All these were mostly seen as normal to us because it was common amongst my peers. So it’s what I know I’ll tweet about. It remained that way until we got married before we individually took up our roles. To the younger ones, you can do it. Poverty is not an excuse as long as you have parents or siblings that are sponsoring you, live within your means and enjoy your relationship and grow together.

Involving money in relationships breed entitlement mentality between people dating. I take care of you and you give me sex. That’s entitlement. You miss all the opportunities to truly know who you’re dating & it reduces trust & This was what we did. It doesn’t have to work for you if you try. But I’ll not come here to deceive you/tweet for the optics just because it’s “popular” opinion. I’m more into building, bonding & deliberately committing when it involves issues of the heart.” He tweeted.

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