Media personality, Daddy Freeze, and philanthropist, Olukokun Adepeju, better known as Kokun, recently clashed on social media over tithing.

Daddy Freeze clash

It all started when Kokun took to his Instagram story to explain the ‘significance’ of paying tithe. According to him, tithe provides an avenue for God to bless you.

He added that tithe gives the church a reserve to help the needy.

See below,

Apparently, Daddy Freeze didn’t agree with Kokun’s stance on tithing and took to his social media page to tackle him. He said Kokun’s claims negates the finished work of Christ and one doesn’t need to pay tithe to receive God’s blessings.

He also asked him to provide scriptural proof that Jesus or his disciples collected tithes from their followers.

Read his lengthy post below,

“Dear Kokun,
Good morning. Your above write up claims that tithing is an avenue through which God’s blessing and favor is secured.

Isn’t that an indictment on the finished work of Christ on the cross? How much tithe did you pay to receive the unmerited favor of his death and resurrection?

Also, kindly furnish us with scriptural proof of Christ our High priest (Hebrews 4:14, Hebrews 10:21), or the disciples our first G.Os collecting tithe from their followers or congregations.

All scriptural examples of tithing was done to the levites. This form of tithing was NEVER transferred to pastors, churches, bishops or general overseers and it was NEVER MONEY; it was always specific crops and livestock.

The levites were the descendants of Levi, son of Jacob and Leah.
Now, just like you can’t lay claim to the throne of the Ooni of Ife, unless you are from the direct bloodline, neither can any Nigerian lay claim to a Hebrew bloodline. This fact alone clearly shows that no Nigerian is qualified to collect the Levitical tithes.

Furthermore, tithing was the law of moses:Hebrews 7:5.

The law of moses in Deuteronomy 14:22-26 commands us to eat our own tithe and use the proceeds to buy anything we like including alcohol and feast in God’s presence, kindly scroll left to see screenshots of the Bible verses to prove this.

The new scam is the ‘honor tithing’ like Abraham to Melchizedek. If you read Genesis 14:20, you will realize that Abram only did this once in his life, he did it from the proceeds of the slaughter of the kings (The Greek word κοπῆς which means to slaughter was used here). Meaning Abram went to war, are you at war? Abram, after tithing, also returned the 90% back to the king of Sodom, do Nigerian Christians return 90% to their employers?🙄

You also claim that when you pay tithe, the church would have enough to give to the needy; this defies logic. Why should anyone give to the church, to in turn give to the needy? Don’t you have enough poor people around you?🤷

Please what’s a secular job, because the scriptures say those who don’t work won’t eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10).

See the bible verses he shared below,

It didn’t end there as they took the battle to the comment section. Read below,

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