P-Square’s latest drama has come to an end and like most drama, a lot of deductions can be made from them.

Let’s take a look at the 10 big things to note after P-Square’s public spat.


1. Their parents’ death have further set them apart from one another.

Since the death of P-Square’s parents, they have been involved in several unnecessary drama. Industry commentators believe their parents were the key to their unity in the good old days.

2. There is no unity among the brothers and may still eventually break up. Let’s face it, the reality is P-Square won’t be around for many more years. Their next drama might be the last, maybe after another album.

3. Peter is the aggressor, and will always be the warring partner in the group.
Peter never agrees with his brothers. He is the opposition in the group, something like PDP right now

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