Lady advises

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to advise her fellow citizens to plan well before relocating to a foreign country.

In a tweet that has sparked a debate online, the lady, identified as @msmocrown, urged Nigerians not to resign from their well-paying jobs in Nigeria to settle for a job that pays minimum wage abroad.

According to her, if they fail to plan well, their colleagues who remained in Nigeria might be more successful than them in 10 years.

She tweeted,

“Don’t japa from a well paying job in Nigeria to get comfortable with minimum wage jobs abroad. Plan! Plan! Plan! In 10 years time, your mates in Nigeria could be doing much better.”

The tweet has elicited a barrage of comments online as some Nigerians lampooned her for discouraging people from immigrating, while others agreed with her stance.

@aerialchasse wrote, “ALL my friends held on to their jobs here while interviewing with companies abroad. They didn’t even book flight until they had accepted a solid job offer.
People are suffering abroad but my friends are not, and this planning is part of the reason.”

@ehigbenin7 wrote, “Who is “your mate”. All these people that go to Canada and start telling people that “abroad is not what you think “, total nonsense

Abroad is exactly what you think it is.

If you traveled to Canada and you think you are better off in Nigeria, pls when are you returning?”

One Tega tweeted, “Nonsense! I travelled 11years ago and I’ve more money than all my mates put together”

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