Below is a sad video of a man from Edo state speaking angrily to his family members after he came back from Europe only to discover the worst.

Apparently, he has been in Europe for the past 13 years, and he’s been sending money to his family members to build a house for him in Nigeria.

He came back home recently and to his surprise, no house was built. His family members had been deceiving him.

While on rampage, he said he was a drug pusher for 13 years and couldn’t believe the money he had made through years of the illicit business was squandered by his family.

Watch a video of him speaking angrily below.



  1. This is very bad
    If is me, men I won’t take it
    13years no be 13weeks beg
    Wicked family members everywhere
    Thunde fire devil

  2. it is very bad… may be they sent him there with their money and they really want to squander all his struggles as a returns of their efforts.

  3. Even though,He is a drug pusher they supposed to build the house for,after all, To push drug is not an easy task, Is unfair

  4. Even though,He is a drug pusher they supposed to build the house for him,after all, To push drug is not an easy task, Is unfair

  5. He should’ve put it in Swiss Bank or somewhere that he had control of living in a poor country he should’ve known it would be tempting

  6. Hmm, Oga use razor cut am till em die. Em no know what you suffered to make the money you do send him. Nonsense.

  7. Wow! This is ridiculous why would they treat this man like this.If that was me I would kill the person I have been sending the money to.

  8. No need to make noise, just burn the family house where they are leaving..I can’t even imagine it happen in my family bcoz I know myself & they know what I can do..YEYE DEY SMELL

  9. How does he expect to make good use of it while his pushing of drugs
    have wounded so many,let him remember that whatever you get through irregular means will vanish irregularly

  10. Hmmm i know my family shaa but if eventually this shit happen to me.. Men.. (first i will get list of those involved) Their family house will turn to desert.. Na our Ancestors will settle the matter wen all of us will go down beyond.. Taa i will make sure our lineage end kpata kpata..


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