The message a 19-year-old lady received from her father after she flaunted her boyfriend on her WhatsApp status has stirred reactions online.

The boyfriend identified as Prince took to the microblogging platform, Twitter to share the message his girlfriend’s father penned following a supposed harmless public display of affection on WhatsApp.

The worried father advised his daughter to stop thinking about relationships and concentrate on herself because, at such a young age, guys have nothing to give her.

He wrote;

“19 years is not a joke, you have to be serious with your life. Whatever decision you make now should in support with your future. Leave that man, leave that boy, men have nothing to offer you now. We give you money, love and attention. Raise your walls and open doors to your studies. Medcine and surgery requires devotion not distraction. When it’s time for marriage, we will fix that. Handle this part of your life and let me handle the other part. You are my child and I can tell you are attractive and beautiful but you are still too young. Men are good with sweet talking.
P**** have PRIDE! Yes, self esteem, give your self a class that even girls, not every girl can talk to you.
Block people, it’s a new year.
You also know that you still need impactful relationships, so seek good and impactful friends. Take care of yourself and make us proud.”

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