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A young Nigerian man has taken to social media to narrate how his life changed drastically after a robbery attack in 2022.

The man shared a video montage documenting the sad tale of his life, and disclosed that he lost his right eye and job after being attacked by armed robbers who raided his family house in March this year.

He said he spent all his savings trying to restore his eyesight, lost confidence in himself and started wearing a eye patch to cover his damaged eyes.

He, however, noted that he started rebuilding his confidence, started scouting for jobs and surrounded himself with his loved ones in order to uplift his spirit.

Speaking further, the young man said he has high hopes for 2023, and believes life will be better for him.

His words,

“The year started off really well. Not until 3rd of March. Armed robbers raided my family home. Leaving me with a damaged right eye and multiple injuries. That wasn’t all I lost that day. I lost my job, design gig, my little business, all my savings and confidence in myself.

“Visited so many hospitals in hopes to save my right eye. So I made the eye patch and that helped restore a bit of confidence cause everyone thought it was just fashion.

“Over time I didn’t feel like putting it on as I wanted to get used to not hiding behind the patch. Started building my confidence and reaching out to people in need of skill set so I could make money as getting a job was quite difficult. Surrounded myself with close friends and family. 2023 will be better.”

Watch the video he shared below,

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