Popular Nigerian clergyman prophet Odumeje has shared during a video with singer Flavour that he’s going to end all the ongoing mess in the country soon.

He also added that he was going to release all his powers with the way things are in the country and advise Nigerians to watch out.

The video which he shared on his Instagram page, recorded him saying this in response to the question Flavour had asked him.

He said,

“I’m connecting to high tensions of power and you know that we are no more collecting light from the transformer, we are taking light directly from high tension 2024 watch out and I’ll let you know and declare what we are going to use to end all this mess I’m a warlord”

While he answered the question, Flavour who agreed with his decision of him releasing all of his powers to save the state of the country’s economy kept praising him.

Nigerians who came across the video have reacted differently to the clip, as some found it hilarious.

Below are some of the comments,

@sheila_of_asia12:  This Abido shaker sounds peaceful but I think it’s the most brutal power 😂😂 please release it

@chima_manchi:  Thank you prophet for hearing our pleas and releasing all the Powers… Please first of all release ‘ganduka gandusa’ so it will start destroying bad people before the other ones can follow…

@ogbuefi10:  That hand wey he hit Flavour for the chest small abitoshaker don enter Flavour’s body😂

Watch the video below,

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