Recall few days ago, Blackface came for singer 2face Idibia accusing the singer of intellectual theft few days after slugging it out with Wizkid.

In a chat with Channel TV’s, 2face reacted to Blackface allegations.

He said:

‘My brother it’s just so unfortunate. I don’t know where it is coming from. I’m trying to think of different reasons. I thought maybe his account was hacked or something. Apparently it wasn’t hacked, so we’ll trash the whole matter.. but I’ve got nothing but love and respect for him and it’s just so unfortunate that he’s coming at me like that.’

When asked if he still considers him (Blackface) a friend, 2face said ‘Apparently he doesn’t consider me his friend anymore but I wish him no ill-will. Let’s leave it like that for now.’


  1. When all hope is gone, no amount of sacrifice can redeem love, ,nice reply @tubaba, free tubaba blackface, me self accuse am of stealln my jokes,he nor reply me, accuse me let’s face eachoda, we go popular overnite.

  2. I love ur maturity @tubaba,, blackface wit all due respect y holding sometin in mind,,, u can meet tubaba and settle wat ever it is u said he did, y wash ur dirty kneels outside….. D’s is total childish display bro blackface….. think and act wisely…………..change ur mindset and attitude is not ur kind……….. we are all human we feel hurt one way or the other, but wat makes u different from others is to b able to compose urslf…………. nothing is worth beefing for…. so snapoff it [email protected]…….


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