400-LEVEL gifts

An undergraduate, identified as Miss. Vivian Unigwe, has taken social media by storm as she gifts her parents a new house in their home town in Anambra state.

 gifts parents

The 400-level student of Abia state university, who was determined to change the living condition of her family, built the house from foundation level till its completion.

According to her, she told her father when she was in 200-level that she is going to build him a house in Ukpor and her father believed in her dreams because he knew God was in control.

 gifts parents

Speaking on how she raised money to finance the building project, the industrious 23 year-old said she has been supporting her clergy father financially from her second year in University.

According to the beautiful lady, she has engaged in numerous businesses including cake baking, student union politics, product distribution, importation, etc.

Whenever a business venture was no longer profitable, she would look for another business opportunity to invest her time and resources in.

In her words,

My 400l
I engaged in another business after the lockdown!
I engaged my self in importation business, which I saved enough money to plaster the house! As I noticed the business isn’t giving me money again, I engaged in another business, I sell natural hair products I use on my natural hair!
I got the products from the company directly and I resell it in a whole sell price
I became one of the distributor of the company, and sell to sub distributor and retails

Vivian also narrated how she was badly mocked for selling iPhones, when she didn’t own the luxury phone herself. The hardworking lady noted that at the time, she could afford to buy any iPhone model of her choice, but refused to get one because the housing project was her priority.

 gifts parents

When quizzed on why the roof of the house looked old, she said the roof was purchased first and was exposed to rainfall, which made it rust overtime.

She said,

When I started this project! I first sent money to get the roof, which they did and we later realized that the place we kept the roof isn’t good because there isn’t money to roof it at that moment!
Whenever rain fails, it affects the roof and the roof begans to rust.

And we also found out that the quality of the roof inferior. So when I got money to roof the building, I had no other option than to make use of the same roof!

That’s why it’s like this and the roof isn’t this foreign roof that’s in the market now.

400-level gifts

The young lady expressed her excitement on the successful completion of the building because now her entire family will have a place to stay and spend festive periods in their village.

She, however, noted that she still has more plans for the house because there are still pending tasks within the house.

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