A popular film director has reportedly been murdered and dismembered by his family in an honour killing row for not getting married.

47 year old Film director murdered

The London-based film maker, Babak Khorranmdin (47), was sedated and cut into pieces after he returned to Iran from London.

According to iranwire.com, his body parts were later discovered in a suitcase and bins outside his parents’ home in Iran on Sunday, May 16.

Khorranmdin’s father reportedly confessed to murdering his own son after he and his wife were arrested in Ekbatan, west Tehran.

His father reportedly said:

“Because of the disputes we had, I sedated him this morning (Sunday) by giving him anaesthetics, then stabbed him to death. Then I dismembered his body and threw it in the nearest trash can on the street with my wife.”

Tehran’s Police also found evidence of the murder while searching their home. Following the news, tributes have poured in from friends who knew Khorramdin’s work and studies in UK.

Khorramdin had relocated to London a year after completing his Masters from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran in 2009.

He had returned to Iran to teach an Art-related course to his country folks, before he met his unfortunate end.

According to Iran International TV, the honour killing “has shocked the country”.

Iran International TV Middle East Analyst and Editor Jason Brodsky said: “I think the horrific death of Babak Khorramdin is only the latest example of a long pattern of domestic violence that we have seen in Iran.

“It follows the tragic death of Ali Fazeli Monfared, who was killed by family members after they found out he was gay. That is not to mention the case last year of Romina Ashfrafi, a 14-year-old girl who was beheaded by her father in an honour killing.

“Despite a child protection law being passed in 2020 in Iran, honour killings and domestic violence continue more broadly, and this is an area the international community needs to address with Iran.”

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