Ban Of Shooting Music-Video Outside Nigeria

Last weekend, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed announced the intention of the Federal Government to ban Nigerian entertainer from shooting their music video outside Nigeria to facilitate the Nigerian economy.

This has however driven much reactions from Nigerian entertainers across especially towards the Minisiter himself.

Yabaleft garnered five top Nigerian celebrities who have spoken on the trending topic and how resonant their words can grow.


Paul and Peter Okoye (Psquare brothers) were the first to react to the ban of Federal Government.

Peter Okoye , in several tweets  expressed his disappointment saying:

“Dear FG, for your information, all the shame una dey bring our country na we entertainers dey cover your nash Ndi ala.  Sometimes, I am ashamed to be called a Nigerian… Another Nationality loading.”

Paul Okoye also posted this on his Instagram page:

“Our behavior when we hear say FG dey plan stop something….soon dem go tell us how and which style we go dey use de Kpakam our wife dem let me come and be going.

Shortly after these reactions, the All Progressives Congress, APC, youth renaissance group has called for the arrest of Psqaure over perceived insults on the Federal Government.

Charlie Boy

Charlie Boy also spoke in condemnation for the Minister of Information’s declaration.

In part, he said this:

Fact is, most Nigerians don’t count our ministers’ pronouncements as serious these days. Many see him as a clueless and overly excited Minister who makes a lot of funny declarations without due consultations. You won’t be wrong if you call him irrational, or if you like, a bigmouth; you may also want to consider him a fabulist, or if you are trying  to be modest like me, just call him the King of spoofs. Haha…a joke called minister.

Anyway, let’s leave the jokes to LIAR Mohammed and go back to the real issue here.

Shey una know say entertainment in Nigeria was not always this glamorous?

Once upon a time, hardly was any Nigerian song played in our night clubs. Then, Nigerian songs rarely enjoyed quality air play – Some persons laboured to change the status quo.
Once upon a time, Corporate Bodies budgeted fat cheques for foreign artists while they rewarded indigenous artists with popcorn. Foreign artists were treated as demigods while Nigerian entertainers no matter how hardworking, no matter how successful were treated as juveniles. Some people fought to eradicate this kinda disrespect to our celebrities.

I Go Dye

Read what the comedian, I Go Dye also wrote on his Instagram:

“Undoubtedly,entertainment: Music,Comedy,Sport, and Film productions are the highest-ranking human resource export from Nigeria.Government should protect their intellectual property and invest into its capacity building.

I have observed with keen interest the recent reports credited to the honourable minister of information and culture,proposing to ban the production of our indigenous films abroad.instead of such pronouncements,I expect a mutual partnership with government and all stake holders in the entertainments industry.what level of support has government provided to growth of entertainment in terms of protecting their works?p

Piracy is still on the high,most of the actors,actresses and producers do not earn what’s is obtainable in other parts of the world in terms of technical,social support and general contribution to their well being.I recommend that instead of putting laws to check the issue of films produced outside Nigeria.

Government should invest in the sector to develop it,introduce partnership that will bring about government earning funds from the services provided through technical equipment, logistic sites, and establishment of a standard Nollywood village.more so soft loans should be provided to aid film production ,while the ministry of information and culture should engage the film writer and producers to build contents that can significantly profile our image as a country.instead of confrontation,which will not be in the best interest of both the government and the artistes.”



Veteran singer Ruggedman argued that many artistes take their productions abroad because of the sophistication of the technologies required for such productions, which might not be available locally.

“Amenities we lack are a few of the reasons some entertainers go outside the country to shoot music videos and movies. “Even America where their governments give their citizens amenities they deserve, still shoot movies in other countries,” he said.

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade, aka “Mama Africa, the HipHop singer expressed worries through her Instagram page, saying that the policy would hinder the growing collaboration between Nigerian singers, their international counterparts, and the global competitiveness of the Nigerian music.

“So will all the money artists have spent shooting videos that are yet to be released be refunded? “You might think that a musical video is just a thing we do!!, It’s a business! You don’t understand!!” “The video directors we use round the world are also Nigerians,” she said.



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