Nollywood movie veteran, Grace Amah has joined thousands of fans and colleagues to console fellow actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima over her conviction for the murder of Dr Giwa.

She wrote:

Those who want Ibinabo in jail are those who have been dwarfed by her intimidating credentials and humanitarian services.

It may be argued that the law has taken its course, yes. So it seems, but that is the law of man. Daniel was put in prison as recorded in the Scripture bcos King Darius was convinced that he should be put to death.

God visited Daniel in prison and released him. Peter was put into prison by Herod and was bound in between by two soldiers, and behold an Angel of the Lord appeared and struck the cell with lightening and the chains on him fell and he was released.

All this indicates that the law of God is more and stronger than the law of man. The family of Dr. Suraj may have got reprieve by the judgement of the Court, but better reprieve will be that of peace between Ibinabo and Suraj family.

What was needed ab initio was an understanding where Mrs Ibinabo takes over some responsibilities for the family of the deceased through providing resources or scholarship for one or two children of the deceased and some form help to the widow.

That is still an opening that could be accessed. Even 5 years imprisonment can never bring back the deceased. The civil law may have be fulfilled but by the judgement and imprisonment of Ibinabo, but in our human relations, there remains a permanent emotional and psychological scar.

What is the way forward; let the family of Dr. Suraj find reason to go further than legal satisfaction.

It is Ibinabo Fiberesima today, who knows the next tomorrow? Let us note also that as celebrities we have to be very careful and learn from this because It shows also that the law neither respect persons nor status and perhaps Nigeria is becoming a nation where people still have hope in the legal process to obtain justice no matter how long.

This matter is certainly beyond politics of AGN and personality conflict. ‪#‎ISTAND4IB‬ ‪#‎PRAY4IB‬ ‪#‎PRAY4GIWASFAMILY‬ ‪#‎GODBLESSNIGERIA‬


  1. Hi grace, I feel you,the jail term wouldn’t bring back a dead man. And am so sure nobody sets out with the intention of running someone over with a car,i just want to plead with the famil of the deceased to tamper justice with mercy cos this could have happened to anyone. May we never be found in situations beyond our control ijn.

  2. Let there be justice for once in our country please. Ibinabo did not try at all, for her to even leave the scene of the accident, removed her plate number, I think she deserves what ever punishment she’s getting even though it won’t bring back the dead

  3. These pple should just keep quiet and let us hear word, whole lots of pple had be given jail terms in the past and no boby said anything……

  4. Nice peace but if ibinabo was not a celebrity will d court of law temper justice with mercy? Let’s call a spade a spade, she wronged the law, she shud be grateful she was given 5 yrs atleast she is still alive, but Dr suraj is no more…. in my own view she shud make a public apology to the family ND serve the term,

  5. With all due respect, Shut Up!!! I usually wouldn’t post anything on any platform but please let justice be served. Grace, How about switching places with the Doctors family whose Son & Pride was tragically snatched away by the negligent, drunk & careless Ibinabo. How about sympathizing with them instead. Do you actually believe like Ibinabo that you are above the law because you are in the Public eye? Do you think you can use the social media platform to curry favours & sympathy for a criminal? I agree with you, No! 5 years in jail will not bring the Doctor back (unfortunately )but it will certainly serve as a lesson for All Nigerians that you can’t do as you wish within a civilised society. I’d urge you to divert your energies towards helping her kids & family as they go through this difficult period…perhaps you can make a Movie out of this also to teach others not to be reckless.

  6. At first I was sympathizing with not until I read d full story, d most painful part of her statement d deceased sister said she said nd she quote was wen she was asked to apologise in public nd admit she was wrong, ibinabo said “she can’t beacause it wil affect her career, grace! Wat stupid career? I think dis wil serve as a lesson to not jst anyone who drives recklessely bt to celebrities whose career is above everytin including fellow human lives

  7. That’s the problems with nigerians.we quickly jump into conclusions.everyone has got their stories to tell,how did you all know she fled the scene?were u dere? U guys read it isn’t it? But have you all tried to be calm and hear ib’s side of the story? Yeye ppl una go dey open mouth dey talk wetin una no know. She fled d scene, keep quiet if u have nofin to say abeg

  8. As was expected, there are two sides to this story; the Ibinabo side claiming she was in coma and the Giwa family saying she fled the scene.

    Whatever be the case, I believe the judiciary based their judgement on every evidence provided and arguments of the two counsels involved. That is not to say the judges can’t be misled.

    If truly, the vehicle (SUV) crossed the road divider and flung into the oncoming traffic on the other side, I strongly believe there’s more to it than driving; either Ibinabo is DUI (Driving Under Influence) or the vehicle is bad, either of which can be traced to negligence or traffic recklessness which is punishable by law.

    If truly she took our registration papers, removed the license plates and fled the scene, that’s an unpardonable offence against humanity and the society at large and it further lends credence to the allegation that she was drunk and would normally not want the law enforcement agents ascertain that.
    If on the contrary all these allegations are ‘cooked-up stories’, she can proceed further to the Supreme court to prove her point and innocence. However, if by chance any of these allegations is true, I strongly suggest that she (Ibinabo) accepts the verdict of the court, apologise to the Giwa family for the trauma and loss caused them, Nigerians for failing us as a public figure and graciously offer to cater for the deceased’s family.

    This will prove to us that she cares for humanity and the society that has helped build her career.

  9. U all re tlkin arrant babadash.Were u guys dere to rlly tel dt she fled d scene??pls stp sayin nonsense.Common sense isn’t common after all.Wt mkes u fink dt t wsnt d doc hu ws on speed?wt mkes u fink d accident wsnt caused by d doc himself?tz quite unfortunate he lost hz lyf in d process bt pls u guys shdnt sit dere nd opn ur mouths to tlk wen u dnt rlly knw d ril story.

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