There are 6 lies in fact that are molding the minds of the young and old into thinking there is no hope for a happily ever after.

Lie #1: “My private immorality does not affect my marriage.”

This belief is a lot more common then you may think. Your addiction is impacting the happiness of your marriage.

Lie #2: “The mistake I made is so bad that we need to get a divorce to be happy.”

Building trust again after a s*xual sin was committed, addiction got out of hand or something of that nature can actually make your marriage happier than it ever was before.

Lie #3: “Breaking the covenants we made won’t hurt me or my children.”

Divorce does not fix everything, especially if there are children involved. There is no guarantee that your children will be okay with the separation. Knowing that their parents are not in love with each other anymore may possibly have an impact on how they view love, divorce and especially marriage.

Lie #4: “My wife and I are too different.”

I can’t think of one couple that is perfectly compatible. You have chosen to marry a flawed individual and are now complaining about it? Learning through counseling, trial and error, leaning on your faith, or taking marriage classes is the best way for you to learn how to work together when times are getting tough.

Lie #5: “My happiness is THE most important thing in my marriage.”

You will be happy in your marriage when you realize that you and your husband are on the same team and need to work together to get to the final destination.

Lie #6: “I should get a divorce if I don’t love him anymore.”

If you are religious, then one of the best ways to work through your marriage when the love is gone is to re-establish (or establish if you’re not religious) and understand God’s love. Learning the skills that He exhibits like patience, kindness, and a Christ like love can turn into an even greater love than you had before.

These are myths that we have believed for such a long time. Marriages have ended because of these exact lies and it has very likely affected you personally already. Don’t get warped into believing that marriage isn’t worth anything. It is worth every penny.

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